When the market panic I keep buying more Crypto.

One thing that we have to realize is that the crypto space came to stay and the ups and downs (bull and bear market) will be always part of the volatile space we deal on, and when it bear, better to keep buying!

It's not necessarily need to be a whale (a Crypto person/entity who own large assets, worth millions of dollars in cryptocurrency which give him hability to keep accumulate more, as he can sell high and buy more when it cheap) to keep buying Crypto and build your Portfolio of assets, the timing is more important.

When people panicked and start selling off, I make sure that I purchase more with a part of stablecoins that I spare into my Portfolio, with that I keep buying and increasing more of my preferred BAT tokens assets, this ones I don't sell I just keep buying and Hodl. My Goal is to secure more and more Brave's native asset and keep my portfolio filled with it and of course more Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), my gem BCH, Loopring (LRC) some 1UP tokens.

I keep a part of my portfolio in stablecoins for a logic reason, when the market allow I could purchase more assets that are part of my vault and with that Hodl them to future.

Many people just sell off their assets and keep doing what I consider not healthy for a crypto enthusiast or investor, sell low and when the market go green again buy high. I feel a necessity to hodl stablecoins for bear market that could give me opportunities to fill my "vault" with more Cryptocurrency.

Panic isn't the answer to sell but a great destroyer to anyone portfolio, when it goes red, secure them and use those stablecoins you save to buy more, if you haven't any start now to spare some stablecoin to future buying, Bear market always will happen.

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