What you do with you Publish0x earnings.

This is a interesting question to be made regarding Publish0x earnings, being assets that are highly positioned in the CoinMarketCap and have strong liquidity in the Market, store and holding them can have a great return in future also could be used presently to make more profit returns.

Anyone have different strategy, but I will express mine, I am not an Investor, I am more a Holder, but there are great places to put this assets working for you such as BAT token and Ethereum (ETH), I don't have a particular affinity with Loopring investments but I believe that there are many outside there.


I will focus my attention into the BAT tokens ways to make return from, many of us don't know that the main asset from Brave Browser can be used in Defi (decentralized finances) ecosystem. If anyone is looking to maximise the Publish0x BAT earnings can look deep into this protocols and check how to get profit from.

BAT DeFi Lending is popular into MakerDAO which has the most value locked in assets funds from customers with lending purposes, and brave' native token have a preponderant paper there used as collateral to Grab DAI or borrowed to make profit from (earning interest holding BAT on the protocol), MakerDAO isn't the only one DeFi who support BAT.

Compound Finance and NUO network also support BAT tokens tokens in their decentralized finances platform which make this asset one of the most valuable asset to be used in DeFi to benefit from it, which gives the wonderful token a great usecase and could be used to profit from in that environment.

Well I am not into investing but when I have time to dig in I like to check tokens that are used in hybrid environments, we all know that DeFi is here and Publish0x earnings could be used into that market to lending or borrow purposes.


So what more your Publish0x earnings are doing for you?! I am not in investing field but I hope this tips could help somehow expanding your views about the wonderful ways to increment your earnings online.

Stay tuned for more Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news, don't forget to download Brave Browser and protect your privacy also earn passive income watching non intrusive ads, subscribe for more.

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