What I have learned being a Publish0x contributor.

What I have learned being a Publish0x contributor.

The Publish0x family is a growing home with plenty of potential on it, many content creators are the best ones in the crypto blog induatry, with many different kind of them sharing and making their intermittent role on the website.

The site is one of the best for any creator, amateur or professional, with a great interface and feedback from the members who a significant part of the Publish0x ecosystem. In the platform besides found a great environment to share amazing Crypto content also there's the opportunity to Grab knowledge and be informed about any topic related to Crypto and non Crypto articles.

The various cast of content creators on the site brings a different life to the blog platform and I have and continue to learn a lot about crypto here, authors are evolving and day after day the platform is seeing new and best ones joining the platform.

The platform also reached me a lot about Brave Browser, the Blockchain surfing tool focused in security and privacy, since my joining here I actually downloaded and start using the browser on the platform. I have also looking different to the coins who are used to tip on the platform, with BAT being my favourite with actually started to stake here on the platform.

I learn in a daily basis more about Ethereum and the various products on the mainnet, such as DeFi projects built on top of ETH network, all that brought by fabulous users who make their contributions on the website.

Despite being a joy to share amazing content on the platform I also learn that with efforts on the website some bills could be paid with assets earned on the website, also make some investments using the tipped coins earned on the platform. 

Being on the website have been a quite and amazing journey with a lot to learn and contribute, well done Publish0x team you Are doing some marvelous work here and made a dream come true, a site where users can share, read and discuss about crypto and play important role in adoption of Crypto.

Glad to be part of the platform.

Stay tuned and I hope you already have installed Brave Browser if not feel free to download it here and earn BAT tokens watching non intrusive ads and surf better on web, subscribe for more, also earn some BCH from your articles at read.cash.

Have a wonderful Monday.


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Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.
Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

All topics related to Crypto, Blockchain tools, Cryptocurrency in the world and specially in Africa [the cradle of humanity] becoming crypto catalyst.

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