Statera-DeFi the perfect Index fund for Africa.

The world of crypto is evolving day after day and many projects have been integrated and implementing new solutions that somehow can offer usecase to real-life solution with decentralized finances (Defi), being the trend on demand in the Ethereum network. This ecosystem is practically changing the way people deal with decentralized assets, also increasing forms to attach value to all smart contract protocols around it, projects there are many, but in usecase few of them can be taken the hats off, and one of them is Statera project.

The solution brought by Statera Team to the real world of finances is really amazing but before we entering more into it, let's just understand what is Statera and what stands for.

STATERA Project name comes from the Latin word balance, in my own language (Balança, in Portuguese which is my native language) that means equilibrium between the parts, in Statera case that balance could be expressed in the assets the smart contract portfolio host.

Statera (STA) is a smart contract Indexed deflationary Token (IDT), which synergizes with trustless and driven by a well known class of digital leading assets on the market in their portrolio:

  • Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

  • Wrapped Ethereum (WETH)

  • Chainlink (LINK)

  • Synthetix (SNX), and Statera (STA).


The Indexed Deflationary Token (IDT) will burn a small portion of the total token supply every time each transaction occur on the ecosystem, also will participate directly on an Indexed Fund, doing this will be reducing the exposure conducting the portfolio demand.

The Index Fund powered by Statera meant to track this well known digital assets on the basket portfolio allowing that the native project's token (STA) work in an intuitive way, for every transaction on Statera smart contract 1% will be burned, the 5 assets existing on the portfolio will share a 20% wealthy to maintain the balance controlled by an automated portfolio manager.

The automated portfolio manager have a crucial job here, and will make that everthing on the ecosystem run smoothly, so when one asset's price increase the manager have the function to re-balance it selling the asset which gained value.

When Statera's price decreases the portfolio manager will sell other coins for (STA), also when STA rises it will be sold for other assets in the portfolio.

The feature mentioned above is actually the one that I love most on this ecosystem, the equilibrium between the basket assets gives it a while new meaning to decentralized finances (DeFi), and increase the usecase of it on the real-world. The insertion of STA token on the portfolio the speed on transaction rally up, tokens get burned also the supply reduce. The price trends up, the assets on the portfolio basket serves as liquidity provider also collects fees from the trading. It's a win win situation for creditors who put money into it!

What really usecases can Statera bring to Africa?

The stats mentioned above just make a small clue about Statera project but this smart contract protocol offer a wide range of solutions to the real world finances. Countries in the third world special in Africa where almost 1 billion people are mostly unbaked are trying to adopt Crypto solutions to help them out of unemployment in high rate in most of the nations. 

This countries barely don't offer solutions to people to maintain themselves, and projects such Statera could bring some enhancement to finances and with just a couple of dollars invest in a top world range class leading assets, earning in return profit neither earning fees or seeing the assets value increasing on portfolio.


Of course it won't be that easy to make people in the African continent to understand right on the beginning what solutions could be earned adopting and embracing the Statera project ecosystem, but I believe with efforts made by the Team could take that to Africa, establish bases to make it spreaded across and make people benefit from the re-balancing Index Fund.

An Index Fund is expensive to invest on it, in the traditional financial system and for people who don't earn on average salary more than $53 this Fund could be the solution for investments in long run scale.

Well, this would be a great Fund to put money into in the lands of Africa, the issue here may be to expand it in the continent, I don't know if the project have a harm to get into the "cradle of humanity" and expand STATERA.

Statera Website.

Statera Project on Medium.

Statera Project on Twitter.

Statera Project Community on Telegram.

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