Pay your University degree with Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency are becoming more and more useful in the real world, where enthusiasts can use this virtual asset to purchase goods, buy homes and more countries specially the ones from 3rd world where inflation is high such Venezuela and Vietnam are using and embrace the currency. Besides getting used to buy goods or Top up Phones worldwide there is another area that are prominent used, to pay fees in Universities.

Most of people just see the asset to trade or store, but it can be used to pay fees and tuition on Universities, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland announced the decision to accept Bitcoin payment on their courses 3 years ago precisely in October 2017.


Students can pay with Bitcoin on courses of financing, economy, music and many more and all the payments will be handled by Bitcoin Suisse AG with use a portal to receive the payments and convert into Swiss Francs, with students paying a 1% fee being more cheaper than traditional ways op payment such Banks or credit cards.

Lucerne isn't the first Superior School to accept Bitcoin to pay for their school bills, also ESMT Berlin a German University became the first one in the country to accept Cryptocurrency as payment and with 1 more University:

  • The University of Nicosia in Cyprus, which claim being the first one to accept Bitcoin in the world in 2013.

With a growing use of bitcoin and digital payments in the world, Cryptocurrency will be widely used in the world to pay more things, with more apps using Bitcoin to accept Bitcoin such as Starbucks to receive fast payments for their products or purchase some Gold Suisse Gold and many more services making transactions using Crypto.

I hope you enjoyed the read and noted that BTC is growing usecase in the world.

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