Nigeria Crypto activity on the rise.

Nigeria have been on the rise in the crypto activity and not just in the African soil but with a great level of interest in the world over the last months, the country is also the biggest source in volume negotiations of Bitcoin in the continent with an astonishing environment concerning the acceptance of Crypto and a fertile place to adopt Bitcoin., the well known worldwide Wallet conducted a report puished on August 5, 2020, the country have shown a growing interest in Crypto among all Africa and note that 60% increase on the use of the wallet coming from Nigeria residents, and that's not all, the report also claim that the nation is the Top country where people search the term "Bitcoin" on Google.

Nigeria is also the most newest country hosting a Bitcoin ATM becoming the eight nation the African soil to have one machine to purchase BTC, and that is one more catalyst to adopt Crypto on the country with plenty Blockchain projects being implanted. More active nations have several activity on Crypto on the African soil but none compares with Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya have great interest in Bitcoin and other Crypto.

Cryptocurrency in this regions are rapidly growing and the adoption will be imminent in this part of the world led by Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya, this zones are extremely important to the development of decentralized assets on the continent which soon could become a big hotspot in the world.

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