MetaMask Ethereum browser with a new token swap function.

MetaMask Ethereum browser with a new token swap function.

The decentralized finances (DeFi) hype surely increased the number of users who got more appetizer by Ethereum due to role played by the asset, which is the fuel who drive all the ecosystem behind the field and tools such MetaMask Browser played a significant role on this, involving more fans (the team informed on Monday that exceeded 1M users around the world) of this amazing in the world of yield farming pools and investments around DeFi.

With this implementation around decentralized finances the MetaMask Ethereum browser also get integrated with swap function (for now only in firefox extension, pc users but soon will be on mobile and many other broswers) that will give users the hability to instant swap between coins in the Ethereum network (ERC-20) tokens, that will be made within the app without need to leave the popular Ethereum tool.

The new functionality will make it thankful to a collection of prices from different decentralized exchanges in real-time such as Uniswap, Airswap, kyber, Ox Api and many others that will be give users the best prices to swap their assets without need to leave the security of the dashboard.

Despite being an innovation on MetaMask Ethereum browser this feature is already available in decentralized wallets such as Trust wallet powered by Binance which give users the hability to swap tokens and coins in ERC-20 also in BEP-20, besides swap the Trust also have the exchange function who give users the opportunity to use the Binance Dex platform without leaving the comfort of the wallet.

MetaMask recently offered their worldwide users the Android mobile wallet with many functions, that can also give fans the opportunity to purchase coins from Ethereum network with credit card, to note that this function isn't available in all locations in the world.

I hope that the MetaMask Ethereum browser and wallet also bring more people using the powerful tool to increase adoption of cryptocurrency in the world, also to note that many people who claimed the Latest hot airdrop from Uniswap Dex exchange (400 tokens worth more than $2000) also are users of this amazing tool.


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