Meet Torum, a new crypto social media built in blockchain.

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Disclaimer: This is my opinion about the platform, I would be glad if you can make own research, always DYOR.

I have been in blogging for almost two years now and my first great experience was with Uptrennd and Steem, with the second I just opened an account but I didn't pursued my career there. I preferred to stay and be active on Uptrennd which I started before even the platform started to allow withdrawals, and when I joined were just 6,000 users registered on the platform.

The growth was huge from the time I joined Uptrennd until today, the platform have more than 120,000 users, with a good part staying active but the "crypto" content creators, the ones that I familiarize more aren't that active nowadays, it grows but the environment on the platform concerning really good crypto content is decreasing. I still posting and have my share of participation on the platform but I like to read and engage with marvelous articles on the website.

So, I regularly don't post often on the website like I did on the past (3 articles daily) but I still playing some important role on the platform. This one of the reasons that I joined but before joining I already had an account at Publish0x, which actually is one of my best blogging platforms. I like to write mostly about crypto, which is what I love more to do, so when I see a platform with potential to grow I usually make some research before joining.

Well, am active in Uptrennd, Publish0x,, Commun, and now I have been invited to test Torum.

Torum is a new blockchain social media blogging platform, with users earning XTM tokens, the native asset to perform some missions on the platform. Members can also create social clans, companies and other stuff that can make them earn XTM tokens. The first thing that pop-up is for each sign-up with a valid referral users earn 75 XTM~ $3.75, to that happen users just need to verify email and phone number.

Another thing to note is that the website doesn't for now support the mobile landing page but can be used on phones doing that "trick" change view on the browser to view in PC mode, I believe you all know this. The platform still in genesis but soon will have a mobile version.

Check the layout:

The website access using mobile device, but I also use in PC, which have a good environment

Okay let's getting more of it...

The platform besides offering sign-up bonus in 75 XTM by verifying email and phone number, there are other ways to make money.

  1. Daily missions.

  • Login to earn- 1 XTM

  • Create a Post-1 XTM

  • Create a thread-1 XTM

  • Comment on 3 posts for- 1 XTM

  • Like on 5 post for -3 XTM

  • Spread a post or thread on your feed-3 XTM.

  1. Weekly actions.

  • acquire 50 followers-17 XTM

  • Stay active for a whole week on the platform -40 XTM.

  1. One time mission.

  • Follow 50 users or companies you like- 22 XTM

  • accumulate five shards-2 XTM

  • Accumulate 10 followers-4 XTM.

This actions can only be done one time.

  1. Optional (invite family and friends to grab 75 XTM.

The platform still in Beta, like many social blogging website and to reach the withdraw must complete all missions and have at least 500 XTM, bear in mind that referral invites and special offers don't count to be able to cash out. It's s new way to interact and increase more tokens to a collection of ERC-20 assets, XTM tokens are built on top of Ethereum network.

Am still testing the platform and so far so good it seems a great place to share some posts about anything, I stick with crypto content but also can be published almost everything also join amazing companies and clans to grow your earnings on the website.

Consider testing the website using this link here👈 to join the platform and let's see what it will bring to us, remember to earn the 75 XTM must register, verify email and phone number.

Take care and don't forget to subscribe for more exciting news.

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