Meet De.Fi: a Super App That will Safeguard Your assets On the Blockhain Space

By alberdioni8406 | Barraca Crypto | 8 Dec 2023

Fri, Dec 8

Have you ever pondered the various risks your Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) address might face? Perhaps you've considered the threat of asset drainage, but there's more to be aware of.

Our interactions in the crypto ecosystem can lay the groundwork for security risks to our EVM address, leading to potential fund losses. This occurs when we connect our address to numerous decentralized applications without subsequently revoking the transactions.

This oversight arises either from negligence or lack of awareness that interacting with a blockchain contract involves risks. Contracts often request users to grant unlimited power to transfer assets, and these approvals are frequently granted without scrutiny and left unrevoked.

Such actions pose a significant security risk, as even a reputable Blockchain market contract could be hacked, putting users who granted unlimited approval at risk of asset drainage. Therefore, it's crucial for users to promptly revoke access after interacting with blockchain contracts to protect assets and prevent future complications.


Here is one of my wallet address before using De.Fi to scan for security issues

Here's where comes De.Fi, a Super App designed to be the savior for Dapp users, offering protection during their interactions. This SocialFi application, Web3, and antivirus tool, among other features, were developed by a team that experienced a $1.2M rug pull, aiming to spare others from similar losses.

De.Fi has revolutionized the landscape, exposing over five hundred thousand scams, providing users with scanning tools to revoke dubious and dangerous contracts, ensuring malicious contracts don't catch investors off guard.

It's not just a Blockchain wallet supporting over 30 chains; it's a SocialFi platform where users can earn XP and compete for rewards, a contract scanner, an antivirus, and a Web3 app, among other functionalities. 

This is another clean wallet of mine when scanned for security issues using De.Fi supper App

This app allows frequent blockchain users to interact within the ecosystem with ease, and within the app, they can revoke authorizations, maintaining healthy addresses free from potential risks that could result in significant cryptocurrency losses.

Also, De.Fi has the backing of strong figures and institutions in the crypto space, ensuring that the product addresses a long-standing market need. In a landscape where hackers and scammers target users neglecting blockchain security, this Super App provides a crucial layer of protection. If you don't have the Super App yet, sign up here now and start safeguarding your EVM address from potential value losses through your blockchain interactions. Always prioritize your protection.  

Stay safe within the blockchain space.


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