Let's Talk About Ethereum Monstrous Fees.

Something we are willing to find when joining Crypto it's a blockchain that could handle transactions with friendly fees that could enable anyone to transact on it, a network that could fulfill anyone needs cheap, reliable and very fast and that isn't Ethereum mainnet isn't doing this days. The network fees range from $4.39 to higher as $55 for each transact to get thru the network.

That is something mostly of the users could not handle, it's near impossible to make transactions on Ethereum right now and that is not all, any project who deal in Ethereum such as Uptrennd, Publish0x, or any other platform that pay people with ERC-20 token can't do that right now to pay their members. Imagine that to pay content creators right now the platform must spend more than $2000 just in gas fees and that in an absurd as many of this platforms don't pay that lot to their members just with their works, meaning that they could pay a lot just in fees just to transfer earnings for their users.


And that is Bad, for the platform and for the creators, authors and readers on them that could end up with a business and also with the hability of this platforms to pay on time the users, creators could not pay their bills only just because the network have some monstrous fees.

It's near impossible to small investors right now to trade on DEX exchanges such Uniswap (one of the most consumers of gas on ETH network) with transactions with more than $18 just to trade on them!

Some of the platforms that am content creator are thinking to pay with other tokens that aren't ERC-20 due to this matter of fees and sincerely I don't blame them, their business must be sustainable and reliable, pay users on time and not postpone them due to massive monstrous fees just to transfer users funds to their wallets.

If the ETH 2.0 don't come out fellows, we could face some big problems to get paid in many platforms that we write actively, but I still have read.cash where I got paid in Bitcoin Cash BCH and there not delays in payments, they are instant and my account is also my wallet!

Give it a try here.

The fees on ETH are not friendly and I believe it could even go worse if this DeFi mania continue we could see some projects got serious problems to continue active and pay on day, it will need many "exercises" from the staff team to pay on time, right now even the Banks fees are more favourable to ETH network gas fees in more than 10 times (at least on my location).

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Take care.

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