How to detect a crypto scam.

Well, unfortunately there's no formula do detect a crypto scam or a dubious business, this "gentleman" behind many of this schemes improve day by day and their techniques are quite good, but there are things that this crypto scam have all in common and below I will try to elucidate some, but before I do that I have to tell you to never believe in "get quick rich schemes" and always stay alert.

So below I will list some techniques to detect a scam:

  • Promise of High returns with low risk investments.

One flag thing that all ponzi schemes have is a promise in high returns of your invested money with low risks from your money putted in, the tactic here is to invite more unnoticed investors to put money working from them without need to worry in losing their assets which in the end happen for sure.

  • Consistency in your returns of investments, most sound so good!

Scam business are known for luring investors to believe that their deal is so nice that anyone couldn't resist and join them, with that anyone taking part on it will them affiliate more users to scheme continues. The business owners (scammers) will do everything to make it sounds legit, interact with users consistently promising bonuses occasionally with only the purpose to make it credible and sound to good to be true, which practical is!

  • Network composed by resellers (most unlicensed and unregistered).

Dubious business use this tactic the most and also this is the easiest way to detect a scam, majority of dubious business have a bunch of resellers, which are most unregistered and unlicensed, to sell their plan to the masses, and they spread their fake business on social network, meet ups, physical meetings and this guys spend a lot to make it look credibly, all this with focus to gather more victims to their fake business.

  • Most of scams or Crypto ponzi are involved in secrecy.

This business are always in secret mode, their headquarters, their offices are always moving to run from law enforcement and with those moves make investors to fail in find their actual offices (if they have).

  • To receive payments you need to fulfill some conditions.

I believe this method is one that can flag the most this business, after users invest their hard earned money and time recruiting friends and enemies, the payments always comes with conditions, yes conditions, that user need to fill in order to get paid. This is just the beginning of the novel, as you will notice that you are involved in a Scam when your funds have been frozen with no way to withdraw them and in many cases you are blocked by the site system and your account gone (in case of a Crypto investment ponzi scheme, with a dedicated website), and now all you have to do is crying, your funds are gone!

As a said isn't easy to detect a scam but few things that must be used to flag can be seen above, check them and please stay away from Crypto scams or ponzi schemes.

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