Don't be "too nice" on crypto space or you may become a Scam potential victim.

Smart people also fall on scams, specially when you are too kind, "too nicer" to tell a potential scammer to back off and let you in peace.

Eventually someone just approached you with a potential nice investment which is "too good to be true" presented you a good plan, even used power point to illustrate it to you with amazing ideas and gratifying returns, and this guy is nice so convincing that you can't tell him to go away to not be rude with him, be careful you can fall in a scam!

Scammers are targeting people who they can convince easily with promises of "get-quick rich schemes" and somehow their potential victims are nice than the other other ones, the skeptical about anything that sounds too good, and this skepticism end up saving them, because they aren't not easier convinced scammers won't approach them, unfortunately the nicer and too kind are their potential victims.

And that can easy be checked, fraudulent schemes are increasing also the knowledge on scams are getting spreaded but why continue to rise? Obliviously it's because there are more nicer people than the skeptical ones also the ambitions to have that money in less time than usual get them trapped in dubious business who end with the criminal running with victims money and stay on vacation in British Islands with a coconut living big like a King with funds stolen from people.

Don't be to kind, too nice, when scammers approach to you, tell them to Back off, block their DM, don't interact with people you don't know, never share vital info with no one in crypto sphere, be skeptical and make your own research before joining any business online and if you see that business you want and seems legit "just invest what you can afford to lose" be intelligent not just smart!

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Take care and remember stay away from Scammers!

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