DeFi boom: what could you do with $6B.

DeFi have been taking the world by storm, news all over the crypto space are talking about this kind of finances in the format of smart contracts which have in total value  locked (TVL) ascending to $6 billions. That value can sound just a number but it isn't, do you know what that amount could buy?!

If we just analyze a little bit can see that in the whole planet we have 7.5 billion people, meaning that, assets locked in Decentralized finances could feed 6 billions people at same time reducing poverty in the world, it's a lot of money. That amount could also buy 60 Boeing airplanes!

If you have that money as your fortune in your personal account, can use $30,000 daily to spend during 500 years! As you noted are funds to spend in 5 in more than 5 generations.

But why people locked that amount in decentralized finances (DeFi)?!

​​​​​​​​The world is changing also the mindset of the new generation of people is Trusting less the traditional financial institutions, leading them to store their assets with decentralized smart contracts protocols that could led to earn profit from it also making people to empower themselves making loans secured by collateral Crypto. 

This people is trusting more this smart contracts than regular banks, and can be proved with astonishing $6B locked in a variety of protocols (MakerDAO, Aave and Curve secure more than $3B together, But MakerDAO is leading with more than 23% of dominance) and the value will keep growing as the ecosystem also grows!

This is a whole new world being builded!

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Cryptocurrency| DeFi| Brave Browser | Blockchain.

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