CMC launches a Reward Program to Educate Users About Cryptocurrency.

The most popular data market provider company, CoinMarketCap, will reward users that participate in their educational program about cryptocurrency.

The reward program is dubbed "Earn", don't make confusion with Earn- from Coinbase that is similar but this one only reward exchange members on United States, the CoinMarketCap program is more expansive to more parts in the world and will be giving free assets to people who check certain projects , watching videos and complete Quiz.

The project only allow each participant to earn $10 for each project worth of tokens, as mentioned in the FAQs about the rewards program. Fun that right now the rewards program will exclude United States and China also some other regions but mostly countries will be allowed to participate on it. 

The first project that will be giving out rewards to people will be Band Protocol which is also a Binance backed company and will out available a total of $160,000 worth in Band assets.

CoinMarketCap is a owned firm by Binance the largest Crypto exchange company in the world in volume transactions and was acquired for $400,000.000  but works as separated companies each one with own directives.

This will be the second company teaching people about Crypto and giving back decentralized assets, the Coinbase Earn program, from American based company gave and still giving assets such as XLM, ZEC, BAT, ZRX, EOS and DAI.

Personally I hope the "Earn" program from Coinbase can reach more locations other than U.S, they giveaway BAT, one of the assets that I appreciate and many more other ones that have liquidity on the market, and I am sure that CoinMarketCap program will distribute more awesome assets.

To note that CoinMarketCap Earn program will have a 8 days to be completed and stay active, so grab your gears and follow up CoinMarketCap to participate.

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