Casa Bitcoin Cash-Moçambique: the first Bitcoin Cash House in Mozambique

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Bitcoin Cash have been expandi for more places along the planet, with the most unknown places being recognized as early adopters, taking by example the Antigua Islands where the adoption is on course with more than 40 merchants across the archipelago accepting the asset for peer-to-peer electronic cash payments. 

Antigua is just a small group of Islands with less than 1 million habitants and already using Bitcoin cash for their daily payments, fast and convenient without losing the really value of money on those transactions. If you pay $10 you are exactly paying ten dollars without another hidden fees or exorbitant ones.

I live in a location where more than 400,000 people live there, many of this gentle souls doesn't know what is a damn crypto, if their know only Bitcoin is known. Of course there are limitations when using BTC for paying for goods and daily expenses, it's more like you spending gold to  purchase small and daily basis, the fees are expensive being practically impossible to handle or execute payments using it.

Bitcoin Cash besides being a store of value it's more than that, it's also cash, yes Cash, using Bitcoin Cash anyone, anywhere can use it! Bitcoin Cash is fast, have lowest fees, can be used daily for small and big expenses just paying a little fee to execute them on network.

The idea behind the Casa Bitcoin Cash-Moçambique is easy to understand and support: 

  • It will be the first resource center to learn more about Bitcoin Cash
    • It's a place to find the best merchandise in Town all printed on stickers BCH
    • Place to exchange Fiat in Bitcoin Cash
    • Organize meetups
    • Onboard the first merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash and so on...

Actually Casa Bitcoin Cash-Moçambique will be more than a simple house but anyone there will talk, discuss, argue about Bitcoin Cash.

I believe that anything can be built just planting a small seed in the ground and wait to see it grows to become big and strong tree.

I already received big support from the Bitcoin Cash community which are very committed to see the project go ahead and any other donation can be done on Casa Bitcoin Cash-Moçambique project crowdfunding campaign here:

I believe in Bitcoin Cash and the evolution of the asset and brand can grow big in Africa specially in Mozambique.

Looking forward to see your support🙌

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