Alert: Guard Your Assets – Phishing Website Masquerading as Blockchain.Com

By alberdioni8406 | Barraca Crypto | 7 Dec 2023

Thu, Dec 7

Undoubtedly, the cryptocurrency space is an innovation of the last century with tremendous potential for both individual and corporate financial economies.

However, various dangers surround this ecosystem, and one of them is phishing —a threat that often goes unnoticed online, causing significant financial losses due to inattention. Greater vigilance is needed to avoid online losses and enhance security. To achieve this, understanding the methods used by cybercriminals and regularly conducting thorough research are essential to avoid falling into the hands of fraudsters.


Criminals are everywhere, and the crypto space is no exception. For instance, today I received an email supposedly from, the wallet provider I use. Initially, nothing seemed suspicious since they are my provider and I am the customer, but something caught my attention.

The email contained an unusual message from and referenced a transaction I hadn't made with them! This intrigued me and prompted an in-depth investigation on my part, revealing it was nothing more than a complete scam.



Pay attention to the email address; it's fraudulent.


It was a scam because the email provider was "fake," the linked website was fake, and the landing page was fake as well. Clicking the link directly led to a place where the user/client had to enter their email or wallet key and password to access the "supposed" platform.

This was suspicious because never directs users straight to the platform where they enter access data, and it always sends personalized emails for each service it provides. For example, whenever a customer sends or receives external funds, an automatic notification provides the transaction ID for reference in the email (associated with the client's account) without needing to log in to the platform.


Be vigilant about the website address; it's a counterfeit!

Also, has its sophisticated mechanism to ensure users interact with official channels, constantly updated to combat such situations. However, inattentive and inexperienced individuals easily fall victim to such scams, risking the compromise of login information and funds. Cybercriminals excel at creating clone sites, deceiving people into entering their data unknowingly.

We need constant attention and double-checking are crucial to ensure genuine interactions with official channels. Imagine if I hadn't been diligent—I would have lost funds from my wallet and falsely accused the platform of stealing my assets when, in reality, it was another malicious actor.


This is the authentic and official email from the wallet provider. Ensure exclusive interaction with this source at all times.


Be vigilant and avoid falling for this scam. Pay attention to dubious emails; mark them as spam and report them to the platform to make them aware of a new malicious player in the market targeting their platform.

Here is the malicious site:

Avoid interacting with it and also be cautious of the email addresses provided above. Stay alert and safeguard your cryptocurrency assets—they are yours and require your utmost protection.

Until next time!

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