AI "Bob" Twitter Account Hammered by Elon Musk After Calling It a Scam Crypto Bot

By alberdioni8406 | Barraca Crypto | 20 Jun 2023

After making a comment about the AI bot Bob, Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, ended up suspending the account. It all began with the boss of the largest short messaging social platform, Twitter, realizing, through a tweet, that the account in question seemed like a crypto scam robot, and without further ado, the account was put to rest.

The AI bot Bob was connected to the memecoin Bob, and after the suspension, the same asset plummeted in value in the market by almost 30%, leaving its investors in despair. It seems that Musk is trying to deactivate accounts that pose a danger to users on Twitter, as even after major implementations, Twitter is becoming increasingly dangerous with verified accounts shamelessly promoting fraudulent businesses throughout the platform.

Verified accounts are promoting dubious businesses and often draining the entire value from the wallets of unsuspecting individuals with their promotions, whether through airdrops or other types, attracting newbies airdrop hunters and people who are looking for instant money and prefer to take risks with promises of significant returns.

Musk, who in the past had shown "love" for the AI BOT bOb, as we can see in the tweet below, today suspends the account upon realizing that it poses a danger in promoting crypto scam businesses on the platform. Surely, the founders of the platform were not pleased with the decision and will likely appeal for Bob's return.

Will Elon Musk allow Bob's comeback? That's a question that lingers and hopes to be answered soon. And what about you? What do you think of today's topic? Did Musk do the right thing by suspending the AI bot Bob's account? Leave your comment and let's discuss the matter together.

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