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Upland - Collections - How to make your initial UPX Bonus payoff.

By Anansi1976 | Block Party | 21 Feb 2021

Upland is a kind of virtual Monopoly, where you can buy and sell properties in real cities. It's your chance to start learning a bit about Real Estate (not the boring parts) and make real money with it.
Upland has it's own currency, UPX Tokens (1 UPX = $1 US) and you can buy property with UPX or Fiat (real money).

As i'm writing this (Feb. 2021) we can be virtual owners in 3 cities, all in the US. It started with San Francisco, then New York (Manhathan) and Fresno.

Right now it is worth investing, and there are lots of land in North Fresno(Clovis) that are worth buying.

You start the game with 4500 UPX that can be invested, only, in property purchase. If you use my referral you'll get a bonus after you do a purchase. 

When you buy, the property is "minted" on the Blockchain (EOS) and becomes yours forever or until you sell it and make good profit.

The game assumes that there is a physical limit of properties in the world that can be traded and the less properties more profit. Also, like in real world there will be places like Manhattan that are crazy expensive.

There is speculation as in real life, and when you buy a property it immediately rises in value.

The properties have an income (rent), which, like in real life, gives an income in UPX. Theoretically, in 5 years the investment is paid, which is not bad (I work in Real Estate and this kind of return is crazy).

As in Monopoly, completing collections also gives bonuses.

Start your Journey

How to start

After you register by adding your email and a password you are ready to go, and you have to pick between San Francisco and Fresno. Later you can move to Manhattan. Fresno is way cheaper so, for the sake of making your UPX's worth more than they worth, let's pick it. 

Immediately you'll get a pop up message saying that you'll get 100UPX as soon as you buy your first property. Click the button and proceed.

100 UPX Bonus

You'll be lost in the map and you'll try to move. Forget it.

Our token (or marker) moves freely at random on the map. The only way to control it is to "send" it to a property.

How do i Send on Upland?
First see the price of the send - it appears in the upper left corner next to a paper plane when you click on a property and then, click on the pawn icon that says "send". On the image below, you can see it and it costs, 5 UPX (it can be more expensive).

You can see the icons that have different actions - Buy (pay 15 000 UPX and it's yours); Offer (make an offer at a lower price); Send (your token lands on this property); More (we will leave it to another post).

Upland Property Card

Start buying

As in real life, you should see the property before buying so, you can only buy if our token is in an area that has visibility over the property. For this, we often have to send to a certain area.

On the map you will find three types of properties:
Green - owned by someone that is actively selling it;
Blue - Owned by someone and is not for sale (you can always send an offer)
Gray - Not for sale yet (it can be listed in the future);
Gray with FSA on it - read below.

New players have an advantage, they can buy properties marked with FSA (Fair Start Act) which gives new players a chance to buy properties at lower prices.
Once you have 100k UPX in assets (property and balance) you can no longer take advantage of the FSA.

Of course, looking at the map, you are a bit lost and everything looks a bit expensive however, there's a way to make your money worth. Head to Upland Data (a website that tells you were to find the properties at best prices. Click here and you'll go directly to Fresno's property page. I've already filtered results with lower prices and FSA's  ("sale price asc" and "Unminted FSA").


Upland Data

The first thing you have to do is make the initial 4500 UPX credit pay off.
The properties with the lowest prices cost around 1000UPX and, strictly speaking, you could only buy 4 . However, with Collections you can get a few more. Collections give boosts to properties income and can be multipliers from 1x to 3x.

To optimize the investment we will do the following.

FSA Properties for Sale


Try to buy 4 properties on the same street. Note that on the street corners the street changes its name. Once this is done, activate the "newbie" collection - it will give you a 1.1x multiplier (on those properties) and a immediate bonus of 800 UPX that goes directly into your account. Then activate "The Fresno" and get more 350 UPX. Meanwhile you got two more bonus, 100 + 200. 

Your balance should be around 2000k.

Upland Collections The Fresno, Newbie

Activate the "King of the street" collection with 3 properties on the same street and win  950 UPX bonus. In order to do this, we have to remove them out of the other collections. You have to unselect them and use it to activate other collections and get the bonus. After you activate all the collections, choose the ones that will be activated and generating more profit. 

Balance, around 2950 UPX

Upland Collections King of the street

Buy one more property to complete the "City Pro" collection  and get 1200 UPX. Don't forget to check on Upland Data to find the cheapest properties.

After you completed all the above you'll have some balance to buy, at least, one or two more properties. 

Don't forget to activate the collection that gives you more profit, rent wise, for example, City Pro .

Upland collections City Pro

Additional Bonus and Income

If you Login everyday, you'll get a daily bonus streak and get 475+300 bonus. 

Every 3 hours your properties will generate income, but you can collect every two days or so, just show up and click. However, until your balance reaches 10k you are considered a visitor and you have to renew your Upland Visa  every six days. Just go to your profile and click the button. 

When you reach the 10k balance, property plus UPX, you'll be promoted to Uplander and you don't need to do it anymore. Also, you can start selling your properties. The turnover is pretty amazing  - I made a lot of UPX just by buying and selling. 

Upland Daily Bonus

The Upland community is very strong and active and there's a ton of events. You can check out the Discord channel (you can find everything here).

If you enjoyed this guide, please use my referral to get into the game. 

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