Jupiter and her beauties

My Jupiter- Expressions from the universe to you!


The biggest, Baddest, most notorious of all the bodies in our constellation,

Jupiter is both too tough and too big to worry about anything, 

especially about little bodies between her and her Sun,

Because She is the protector and guardian of these bodies from outside destruction,

Jupiter observes and dissipates destruction before it can be comprehended by the smaller bodies.


My Jupiter is a force to be reckoned with, 

My Jupiter and her 79 moons are unfathomable,

they have existed long before the smaller bodies and gave hope to life for the smaller bodies,

even Jupiter's own moons have the capabilities of hosting and sustaining life!

So why do we not go for vacations on Jupiter? 

My Jupiter won't allow her much treasured moons to be trashed like we trash our only earth.

79 moons magic


So what would Jupiter rather have?

Jupiter would rather be dissipating satellites like the one they thought would nuke the massive body,

but in turn what happened was the dissipation of the satellite occurring withing hours before even reaching the surface.

Now the satellite is part of Jupiter's atmosphere, The satellite did not make it past the Jupitan Dessert Storm of an atmosphere.


Her fire dessert storm lights  up!

With more than a dozen comet shots everyday, it is no wonder Jupiter is the biggest and baddest armor we could ever ask for, 

with all its riches and moons, Jupiter is too big in comparison to our amazing earth. 

Jupiter is such a beautiful paradise and she will inevitably, indefinitely continue to get bigger as more is dissipated into her massiveness. 

The secret to Jupiter is that she is unconditional love, a protector and guide, so heavenly she is! 

Without her most of us would would not be in existence long before we can imagine but because of Jupiter's unconditional love 

and divine protection made it possible for us to see better days.

her polar lights, purple and blue


Seeing from Jupiter's Perspective allows one to recognize the power within us and the learner within us, 

that on the unconditional platform we are able to be like Jupiter-

Careless, unfathomable, Powerful, Beautiful at the same time, command but not demand respect.

To have a good sense of things, both common and uncommon, good company in the fold of 79!!!



Supreme love and light

Happy Diwali!


Current constellation positions

+ New Moon in Scorpio

+ Mercury X Venus in Scorpio

+ Neptune in Pisces

+ Jupiter, Pluto & Saturn in Capricorn

+ Mars in Aries ♈

+ Uranus in Taurus


Bless up!

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beneath her clouds


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