Looking for passive income? Here is one.

Looking for passive income? Here is one.

By Blindworld | Blindworld | 24 Oct 2020

We are always looking for passive income, this one can be considered passive since the process is semi-automated.In order to be successful, it is always better to have a laptop. But don't worry you can do this with your mobile too. I will describe the process step by step.

NOTE: The setup process will be a little lengthy, but once it is completed the program is automated and require very less attention.

  • Your first requirement is to have an account TIMEBUCKS. Since creating an account on time bucks requires just a Signup-Which can be done using google, it is a simple task. 


  • Once you have an account on time bucks select the earn icon


  • Select the Content icon


  • Click on the engagement icon on the left side of your screen



You will be redirected to a website called Engaged hits. Signup with your email, it is more preferable to use a secondary email address.

What do Engaged Hits do?

Engaged hits is a platform built to help youtube creators. Creators around the world use it to generate engagements such as Likes, subscriptions,s, and views on youtube. The platform is not yet monetized, currently, the reward amount is paid by the platform.

What if you run into trouble during the setup?

The platform has a telegram support group and they are very helpful.

I am embedding a video that might help you, it's in my native language but the visuals can help.







if you have any doubts or issues feel free to comment below.


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