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The bread that digs your grave

The bread that digs your grave

Your Life, who manages?
You, God?
Wake up! Eat your bread and drink your milk.
You don't realize it, but that's it
Little by little undermine your vital organs.

Pumped meat, vegetable and fruit pesticides.
And what about water named with fluorine, chlorine and,
What you don't see included, but you drink every day.

Are you going to the supermarket?
What does your food basket consist of?
Embed, canned, transgenic grains and cereals?
Or soft drinks, sweeteners and industrialized spices?

Why has the sterility rate between men and women increased so much?
Why are cancer losses between humans and animals alarming?
Why are deaths from negligence frequent in public hospitals?

So, who controls your life, unwary?
You, God? - Fine!
So bless the water that comes with your black label pill,
While consuming the bread that digs your grave.


*Original text written on the blog of the writer Hermes Machado


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