Afternoons Are Made Of Uncomfortable Youngsters Dealing With Horny People

By Luz | blacklux | 29 Mar 2019

190903265-6bc8acac4c769b616b178f6e294a626b0077d21c58a5ff203b45af9bd5188808.jpegListening patiently to a woman talking about everything but plants

She was uncomfortable... smiling all day long to the crappy jokes old men told her was exhausting! Knowing that she will have to do the same thing everyday wasn't pleasant either but bills have to be paid and money is made of paper but doesn't grow on trees.The guy kept making "funny" connotations, he was obviously into her and she was obviously not into him but she needed to sell those plants... after all that is her job.

Humans are fun to watch... 10 minutes later of all the blah blah the old man finally understood he wasn't going to get what he wanted... obviously wasn't plants... and walked away defeated like a dog with its tail between the legs. Her? She stood there with a sour smile on her face cause everyday she have to withstand the same thing in hopes of selling some plants and get paid.

All the time I was cheering her up in my mind... "You can do it! Make that horny man buy the plants! Don't fall prey of his crappy flirting!"... and also the occasional "Hey man, if you're not gonna buy the thing get the beeep away from here!"... and I felt exhausted just by looking at the poor woman trying to be polite to a man that clearly was forcing his cheap flirting act.

At the end she told her colleague to keep an eye while she went for a walk. Detoxifying from all the blah blah and crappy harassment is necessary to be able to keep smiling in the most uncomfortable situations if you wanna be able to sell your product. After all the world is full of horny people trying to hook up with youngsters... Humans are indeed fun to watch!


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