#BIWAKKITCHEN031 - MangoFruitLeathers -Restart the Blog-

#BIWAKKITCHEN031 - MangoFruitLeathers -Restart the Blog-

By Biwakkitchen | Biwakkitchen | 17 Feb 2021


Ever made dried fruit leathers?


This mango leather is definitely worth the work! Puréed mango, dried on the dehydrator and rolled up! 🥭

The perfect healthy snack on almost every adventure!


-Slice the fruit apart along the bone
-Peel the mango
-Cut the fruit into medium size pieces
- Puree the mango with the blender
-Cut 3 sheets of baking paper into the right shape for your dryer and don't forget to cut a hole in the middle (so that the air can pass through)
-spread the mango mixture evenly on several pieces of baking paper
-about 3 hours later you will have delicious mango leather (it must be completely dry so that you can easily peel it off the baking paper).

Have Fun!!


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