Earn Free Bitcoin Shopping Online

Earn Free Bitcoin Shopping Online - Passive Crypto Income!

By BitShills | Bitshills | 12 Feb 2020

Earn Free Bitcoin From Your Favorite Stores.

Would you like to earn some free bitcoin shopping online?

Most people still think that cryptocurrency is a difficult concept and you must be a nerd to even obtain some coins. However, getting your hands into magical internet money can be a lot of fun, and much simpler then you might have thought.

Because In crypto, there are numerous ways to make money with Bitcoin, and one of the most exciting ones is definitely earning free Bitcoin as a reward when you do your every shopping online at your favorite stores.

That being said, here are some of our favorite ways to earn more Bitcoin for free!




Lolli - Earn Free Bitcoin Shopping Online

Lolli is probably one of the fastest, and easiest ways to earn a decent amount of Bitcoin online for free. Lolli is a rewards application that earns you bitcoin when you shop online. The platform gives you back Bitcoin rewards of up to 30% whenever you shop online through their chrome extension app. After you install the chrome extension, the app will then automatically notify you whenever you are visiting one of their supported brands.


Lolli supports all major brands and merchants from all different categories, such as traveling, technology, restaurants, gaming, entertainment, fashion, jewelry and many more. Letting the whole family use the app on a daily basis can yield significant passive income over time all in Bitcoin.

To get started with Lolli is super easy, all you do is head over to their website, download the extension, create a free account, and from there on, you can shop on any of their 500+ supported stores, and earn free Bitcoins on a continuous basis.

Get Lolli, and start earning free Bitcoins.


Purse - Earn Free Bitcoin Shopping Online

Purse is a very similar app, however unlike Lolli, you get rewards only on Amazon, and when you pay with Bitcoin. The platform offers huge discount rewards of up to 33% for anyone who is checking out through the app while purchasing something from amazon.

On top of this, Purse application has two main use cases:

  1. Shop with Bitcoin and Save Money
  2. Earn Bitcoin by fulfilling Shoppers’ Amazon orders.

You heard it right, you can also fulfill other people’s orders, and basically purchase Bitcoin with discounted prices. The way this works is Purse has set up a peer to peer marketplace where normal people can create, and accept offers with discount rates ranging from anywhere between 5% and up to 20%.

Getting started with Purse is simple, just visit their website, create an account and decide whether you are into shopping & saving or Earning Bitcoin.

Get purse, and start saving money.

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The best part of these methods is that once you set them up, they are completely passive, you will keep earning 5 to 30% using Lolli & Purse, which will generate nice decent income over time.

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Promoting Cryptocurrency Awareness


Promoting Cryptocurrency Awareness

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