Impressive Functionalities of the Inery Ecosystem You Need To Know

By Marcus Patel | BitNews | 11 May 2022

Inery is a decentralized database management and blockchain solution. It is the first-ever layer-0 blockchain that specifically addresses database management by providing a secure and decentralized solution. The Inery ecosystem provides users with an efficient way of accessing and storing data on a highly scalable platform. 

Its database management solution, IneryDB combines blockchain features in the database management structure to provide a solution for database management that is decentralized, secure, immutable, and cost-effective. This allows users and institutions to have total control of their data; enabling owner-controlled data assets. 

The Inery blockchain is a high throughput and secure network that is engineered for the deployment of decentralized applications. It is designed for cross-chain interoperability of data between different blockchain protocols.

With its combination of both solutions, Inery aims to set a new standard for securing and accessing data.

IneryDB Functionalities


Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Inery offers a reliable and sustainable platform that facilitates the deployment of DApps that can have multiple use cases in just about any industry ranging from financial institutions to healthcare.

Data management and Value Contracts Generation

The platform's data management capabilities facilitate the modification of the data into a readable form. It also enables the transfer of data through nodes and memory. The transfer of data through the nodes is bound by value contracts, which pre-define permissions such as the ownership and access of data. This guarantees reliability, transparency, and automation in the system. 


The cross-chain capability facilitates interoperability and secures the transfer of data and transactions across blockchains while maintaining the security of the assets.

Backup Solution

IneryDB has a data cluster made up of multiple servers functioning together to give many levels of backup. IneryDB incorporates a free solution for database backup which offers businesses a reliable way of helping them secure their data with reserve database copies.


Inery Blockchain Functionalities 


High speed and parallel processing

Inery blockchain supports parallel processing which spreads out its operations into parts and runs them simultaneously on different processors to enable high performance for secure development. Its consensus protocols guarantee that higher throughputs are achieved and these rates can reach over 5000 transactions per second, with new blocks being made every half a second.

Sybil resistant 

Inery’s Self delegated proof of stake (SDPOS) consensus protocol makes certain that it is extremely expensive for anyone to attack the network with a Sybil attack(an individual or group trying to take over the network by creating multiple nodes or computers). The in-built design guarantees a strong defense against Sybil attacks through a high amount of staking requirements of Inery’s consensus protocol.


Inery differs from most other blockchain networks by optimizing its consensus algorithms to facilitate a sustainable foundation to address environmental issues. Inery's design allows for a sustainable system without having to sacrifice speed, security, and performance.

Low cost

Inery embraces a cost-effective structure that attracts more users to make use of its services. The higher transaction speeds lead to lower fees for transactions and processing. 


Every block on Inery’s blockchain is computed with a cryptographic hash function that ensures immutability. The data on Inery's blocks can only be accessed by users that have the pre-defined authority as ensured by value contracts. Once a piece of data has been added to the blockchain, it cannot be deleted or modified in any way.


In conclusion, the functionalities provided by Inery's ecosystem show the strength of this decentralized database management  solution and its goal of introducing unparalleled levels of security, speed, and cross-chain interoperability on a reliable platform that ensures transparency between users and businesses and creates a space for them to share and store data.

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