GDEX Cross-chain Guild Management Tool Set To Revolutionize the P2E Economy

By Marcus Patel | BitNews | 2 May 2022

Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming has been driving the crypto market growth in recent years, and we are still at the infancy stage of this gaming model. With the rise of the P2E economy, 'guilds' have become an increasingly important feature. These guilds are limited in scale due to management bottlenecks and technology. 

GDEX has built the world's first cross-chain Guild Management tool. It comes with an outstanding feature-set that gives you a whole new experience in crypto gaming. P2E gaming is a business model built on a decentralized ledger. Therefore, we cannot deploy conventional accounting, payroll, or human resource management solutions. In today's world, the transfer of assets has grown beyond just a simple bank transaction. The implication is that the conventional methods of tracking one's finances are no longer holistic.  

GDEX developed the Guild Management tool to serve as a comprehensive solution to all these issues.

Redefining the future of Guilds

The gDEX team is charting the course for the future of guilds in play-to-earn crypto gaming and metaverse in general. With the Guild Management tool, guilds can now scale their businesses efficiently and maximize the value of their gaming non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The tool will also help guilds manage and keep track of their earnings and optimize their business processes.

The guilds will leverage the member payroll and NFT renting system to do that. They will also rely on the ability to manage and scale guilds to a corporation's level.

Outstanding Features of the Tool

  • Scale the guild business seamlessly across games and chains 
  • Manage and track scholars and relevant guild accounts on an easy-to-use, intelligent dashboard
  • Treasury Dashboard with intelligent visualization provides detailed reporting on overall guild activity, revenue, with export-to-csv
  • Mint guild NFTs for members with metadata & guild access management
  • Token multi-sender with a built-in, game-agnostic accounting system
  • Distribute NFTs to registered guild members with NFT multi-sender
  • Guild earnings are protected with Gnosis multi-sig integration

A Continuously Evolving Tool

The Guild Management Tool will become the go to choice for guild management systems. It will help keep the burden of management off the guild leaders. With time, more features will be added to the tool, and the team aims to build it into becoming the hub to help revolutionize the guild economy.

Overview of the Guild Economy

P2E guilds are corporations or organizations that leverage the earning opportunity in crypto games and NFT airdrops. They work at a scale to connect players and investors and build a community with multiple play-2-earn options. Some of these guilds operate in the form of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Although being part of a guild does not guarantee earnings, it is a means to be part of play-2-earn gaming without a huge capital.


The gDEX cross-chain Guild Management tool is undoubtedly a game-changer in the guild economy. With its innovative approach to the issues affecting guilds and cross-chain capabilities, there is a big chance the project will be a great success once it is publicly launched. Click here to register and be a member of the gDEX metaverse gaming.

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