Loopring Has a New CTO - Who Is this Guy and Is He Able To Deliver?
Loopring Has a New CTO - Who Is this Guy and Is He Able To Deliver?

By Li_KungFu | BitGuy | 9 Jul 2019

When your project hires a guy who managed to get accepted into a top 100 ranked worldwide university at the age of 15 - there is a slight cause for excitement. Well, that is exactly what Loopring has done in hiring Steven Guo into their team to act as the new Chief Technical Officer.


As mentioned, Steven had managed to get accepted to a worldwide top 100 ranked university at the age of 15 and had already started to work for INTEL instantly after leaving university. After working for Intel, Steve went on to work on Android Rom development, eventually become an Android mobile expert - something that will be very useful in his new position. Steven has also worked at Cheetah Mobile as a Senior Director of Engineering after they had acquired his first start-up company.

Furthermore, in 2018 Steven had created a blockchain company called Dora Network, which is focused on side chains and interoperability. During their time running Dora Network, the team had managed to develop a very strong capability for optimizing zero-knowledge proof computations with GPUS - this is something that will be very relevant moving forward as one of Guo’s roles in optimising the zkSNARKS implementation.

Steven Guo is also set to lead the effort on DEX product design and development as well as matching engine and relayer engineering.

As well as hiring Guo, Loopring has also hired 2 full-time backend developers to join their team - Yue Wang and Sheng Chen, both of which have previously worked with Steven Guo so they will certainly already have a great working relationship. In total Loopring now has a team of 15 full time dedicated developers all working together to improve the decentralised exchange protocol.



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