Securitize becomes the first SEC registered Transfer Agent

By | Bitcoinz News | 25 Aug 2019

Transfer agents keep record of ownership of securities as they change hands over the course of their life.  Transfer agents ensure that securities fraud do not happen by tracking and recording ownership details at any given point in time.

Securitize, a startup funded by Coinbase, received SEC approval to act as the Transfer Agent for the Digitized Securities.

Press Release states that "Securitize, the trusted global solution for issuing and managing compliant digital securities on the blockchain, is now an SEC-registered transfer agent."

This makes Securitize the first and only SEC registered transfer agent using a blockchain protocol.

Securitize's Transfer Verification Tool (TVT) allows investors to check the ownership status before they commit to a transaction.  

This stamp of approval from SEC brings the blockchain space one step closer to tokenizing the securities.  We expect more and more companies to follow the suite and register with the SEC.

There are apps that actually track the entire life-cycle of a security right through the app, however, they too need to register with the SEC (or respective authorities) to be considered 'regulated' and attract serious business partnerships.


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