Fantom and Cardano among the “Projects better than Bitcoin”

Fantom and Cardano among the “Projects better than Bitcoin”

By | Bitcoinz News | 22 Aug 2019

Weiss ratings has listed 3 Cryptos as being better than Bitcoin while clarifying that Bitcoin may still fair well in network strength and popularity.

Two projects  among these 3 projects were revealed to DeCrypt:  Fantom and Cardano.

While Cardano doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, Fantom is somewhat of an underdog.

Fantom is looking to fundamentally change the way we use consensus and smart contracts to make blockchain more scalable and efficient.

With a market cap of 27 Million and about 2 Billion total supply, Fantom has a lot of room to grow if it achieves all its goals.  It has a chance to be on par with Ethereum and Cardano.

Cardano is definitely the most well-rounded and complex project in the Crypto space.  This complexity is by design and the team of PhDs on the project may very well make their grand vision a reality soon.

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