IEO Blockium - financial crypto games
IEO Blockium - financial crypto games

By roland4 | | 14 May 2019


Let's talk about the project

Well, it's time to get to know an interesting idea. Today we have IEO Blockium as a guest. What does this startup intend to do? First of all, it realizes a wide range of technological possibilities of the P2P market. Now we have even more interesting functions waiting for us which you have never met before.

This approach will allow you to integrate the whole system at the highest level of the financial market and only peer-to-peer technologies will be used. We are witnessing a merger of games and finance. Traders will also have an opportunity to increase their trading skills and get high profits at the same time with minimal risk.

Trading in stocks, cryptocurrency becomes even more profitable, as advanced technologies, namely blockchain, are used in the work. It is important to note that the code architecture itself, including a variety of libraries, will allow you to open unlimited opportunities for users, as well as marketing channels and so on.


What are the current problems?

1. Well, let's start with the fact that the traditional financial trading is becoming less and less relevant for the new generation of traders.

2. High entry threshold for entry level.

3. The presence of high risks for traders in the hope of earning financial resources.

4. As practice has shown, even the best traders are not immune from high market fluctuations.

5. Well, the next problem is that the regulators themselves make it difficult to implement innovations in the financial sector.


What are the solutions to all this?


Well, let's start with the fact that the Blockium project itself is a complete solution. This social platform provides many opportunities for financial traders.

We are waiting for some P2P financial gamification on the basis of blockchain technology. All individuals are allowed to perform a lot of trading skills, and with any budget.

Also, there is risk management. You can easily hedge your own risk by paying a one-off entry fee for the contest. Even when the market collapses, your investment will be secure.


What is the business model of the Blockium platform?

The platform charges 5%-10% of the total entry fee for each contest.

All holders of internal tokens are entitled to 25% of the project's profits. The entire case will be distributed quarterly.



Briefly about the project team



Who's the partner with?


IEO program. Conditions of participation


The token wears a BOK marker
Total offer: 650,000,000 tokens
Cost of one token: 0,023 $
Total allocated for sale: 52 000 000 000 BOK
Development based on ERC-20 protocol

The IEO program itself will be launched on the Coineal Exchange and listed immediately there. In the future, other cryptocurrency exchanges will also be waiting for us.

Remember that before investing, be sure to study White Paper.


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