Bitbond is a platform for business crediting through cryptocurrency. STO Overview

By roland4 | | 21 May 2019


Let's talk about the project


Good time of day. Do you think it's possible to credit a business within 30 minutes? You won't find such a thing in modern banking structures, but the guest of today's show is able to do it, at least the project has such a goal. Also, we have a lot of product lines waiting for us, and with instant financing.

In fact, Bitbond is even the first credit platform that provides such unique opportunities, namely, business lending. Previously, there have been attempts to create something similar, but many projects have failed. Bitbond is a system that will work around the world. The request for the amount of the receipt is almost unlimited and the most important thing is that it is instantaneous. Bitbond is the fastest business loan in the world and the borrowers receive instant financing through our platform.

Let's talk about other features:


Let's start with the fact that there is an automatic credit scoring here, and 24 hours a day.

It is also worth noting that Bitbond uses an innovative model of credit scoring, which will allow to approve borrowers 24 hours a day and, accordingly, daily.

You can easily connect business accounts for qualification. Now you won't even need to print out documents or even go to a local branch. The application can be filled in quickly and in a few minutes.

You can finance your business from anywhere in the world. By the way, funding has already come from more than 80 countries. Therefore, you can join these lucky people.

Now it's time to figure out exactly how the scheme works


All you have to do is take 4 simple steps and you will receive funding instantly.
We start by filling in the online application, after which you will receive an individual offer. Managers can help you at any time, so don't worry.

After your application is completed, you will be contacted, but with an individual offer.

Then, you will receive the money directly to your bank account. And then it's up to you, either you improve your marketing or something else.

You can use this site as a partner for help, so keep in mind. We wish you good luck in business.

If you compare it with the traditional banking system or any commercial projects, the advantages of Bitbond here are on your face. We have global funding that is available globally. There are no penalties for long-term repayment, and we also have interactive applications. And so on and so forth, the benefits are massive.


Pay attention to the project partners

Among other things, Bitbond cooperates with many industry leaders. This is done to make global funding possible.


STO program details


The internal token is a security token and bears the BB1 marker. It is essentially the first security token offer in Germany that complies with all EC regulations.

It is worth remembering that Bitbond is a regulated financial institution, which is controlled by the German financial regulator BaFin.

After the STO program is completed, the tokens will be traded on the decentralized stock exchange Stellar

The BB1 token is safer and, by the way, more stable when compared to other crypto assets. That's because the jurisdiction regulates your rights.

This STO can even be called an event, because before our eyes the real security is issued without the participation of banks.

The cost of one token is 1 euro

Accepted currencies for investment: EUR, XLM, BTC, ETH

More information about the project you can find on the official resources, links below. Good luck with your investment, consider the risks!


Official resources

White paper -
Telegram -
Twitter -


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