Hey guys! A very bad week for cryptocurrencies has just ended, once again due to Elon Musk, precisely for the stop of Bitcoin payments for the "green" car Tesla.
Not all altcoins, however, have collapsed. Cardano, Polkadot up to Polygon, are the cryptos that most stand out among the others.

Bitcoin collapse, but which cryptocurrencies have gone up?

Cardano, the cryptocurrency created in 2015 by a pool of mathematicians, engineers and cryptography experts and managed by the decentralized platform of the same name, is currently valued at $2.11, up 21.6% on its listing a week ago which was $1.74. The market capitalization, thanks to the latest jump, now stands at 67.4 billion, bringing the crypto to battle with Dogecoin for third place among altcoins.

Polkadot, known as DOT, the currency created by one of the founders and CTO of the decentralized Ethereum platform, Gavin Wood, is now worth $39, up 6.2% from last week. However, DOT has lost ground from its mid-week peaks, despite the positive percentage change, when it moved within a few ticks of $50. The market cap is at 36.6 billion, still far behind Ripple (XRP).

Polygon, known as MATIC, an altcoin still off the top ten list, led by Ethereum to which it is linked, is worth 97.7% more than last week, stopping at $1.72 with market capitalization at $10.4 billion.

And you guys, what do you think about the next week?
Should we expect some strange surprises from Elon Musk or can we rest easy?
Let me know in the comments section below! Bye! 👋


- Images : Google Search
- Informations : CoinGecko


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