Why Miami Is Great, And Terrible, For Crypto (but, wait, it's not really bad)

Why Miami Is Great, And Terrible, For Crypto (but, wait, it's not really bad)

By BitcoinGordon | BitcoinGordon | 5 Jun 2021

It is often said by people who are die hard maxi's in the crypto space, that "I'm here for the crypto, not for the politics" or "leave your politics out of my crypto" or "politics... blah blah blah... Bitcoin fixes this". Especially the last one.

I hear ya. My intention is to cover the global politics of crypto in-depth, at some point. 

Miami is considered one of the most crypto-affirming cities in the U.S. With a Mayor who is very pro-crypto, and at least from an official post, showing interest in a like-minded society who embrace freedom, choice, change, and the happiness that comes out of these.

I would assert that there is a solid 50% chance he actually means it. In politics, much like the crypto community quotes above, it is often said that you have to "watch what they do... don't just listen to what they said". Every new generation, a hopeful colony of voters rush to choose the candidate that promised things were gonna be different. Enough of the old guard, now we're bringing a better world of more buying power, more jobs, better conditions etc. Then, that doe-like dew of innocense learns that their pick will say anything to get elected. Every once in a while, those champions of political piling-on forget how public they are, and even share how stupid they think that generation is for buying what they said. "They're too stupid to know" is often the inside joke of candidates.

I would add, that in this digital age of banhammers and clever de-crediting schemes, you can listen to what they say, watch what they do, trust but verify, and still get screwed with an educated guess. When the guest, the leader, the challenger, and the system all contradict one another only to arrive at the same identical policies that screw us all on a global scale, someone should ask how sovereign leaders can agree to global initiatives that are, in many cases, illegal at the Federal level? The mind gets boggled.

So, my point centers around this year's Bitcoin Conference, hosted in Miami, a wonderfully crypto-friendly city in a state ridiculed for its freedom-focus on getting back to our lives in the pandemic. Ironically, a state that did, and is, performing much better than the most strictly enforced lockdowns, despite being a national inside joke about where the country's aging citizens go to retire and die in bliss. Perhaps more of the crypto community should think in terms of living the lives that align with their claimed goals. Not only is crypto about financial freedom, it is about the freedom lifestyle that is meant to accompany this for families and generations that follow.

So, it's great to have these things affirmed, if however brief. But, I would also argue a warning, that we need to not seek so much of this affirmation from the very elements of society from which we need our bonds freed. If we succeed by convincing the governments of the world that we should be allowed to exist, do you think they are going to fold to our ideas and beliefs, or are they going to speak to us in our language, while regulation reflects the actions of their beliefs? Has power ever responded to the people by giving up its power? Even if it means the death of government, society and money, power never gives up until it collapses. Not in Scarface, and not in Rome.

So, I would argue that even something that sounds super great from a crypto-affirming government, my warning is that at the end of the day, it is still government. I would take that of Miami over the CCP any day. I would say that the position of the U.S. truly better get busy looking like creating good clean energy centers where mining can actually grow industry and pay local communities in better energy efficiencies, allowing raw data to lay to rest the b.s. green initiative arguments that are never about facts; only fear. More important than this, these mining startups that need to happen in the U.S. need to actually be private, American companies.

So many people don't recognize the games played by politicians to satisfy our fears. If they become friendly to crypto, by allowing foreign investors and foreign operations to make use of our zones designed around 'decentralizing' mining, it is very possible we are allowing the same hyper-centralization to simultaneously suck up our resources, on our own soil, and have access to our infrastructure, land, and even collect surveillance while offering the veneer of a more diversely secured network.

Quick money is never more secure than smart money. We learn that the hard way with every new industry that comes. We all would probably love a little less politics in our freedom movement. But, the truth is, we can evade, or we can try to change it. We can also become powerful enough to bend government to our will and needs. That is unlikely to happen. Too many have allowed government tactics to divide us into such broadened camps that we will not organize to rally our own movement. It is true; Bitcoin is for everyone, but those who know what that even means, are in the most oppressed countries with the most corrupt governments.

So, I applaud what is happening with Miami and crypto. I only do so while saying it matters, that we remember, at the end of the day it is still politics, and we are getting the virtue nod from politicians. The same Jack of Twitter, who bans based on belief, often directly targeting our own crypto community because of crypto, forbidding crypto-centric advertisers and banning them from his platform, training 'fact-checkers' to intentionally target specific people who take specific, legal world-views, stands on stage to represent Square, because it's crypto, while Gladstein praises his humanitarian efforts to explain how Bitcoin cannot block or ban. Irony.

Watch their actions; screw their words.

The politics and regulations of crypto have been coming, will continue to come, and as more irresponsible pump and dumps completely utterly ruin the trading experiences of young newbies... at this point with their lack of research, let's do venture to call them idiots, as they've had months to learn the same things the rest of us learned when entering the space, we will see more severe legislative action that protects traditional economic systems and lending practices while crypto gets the short end of the stick. Fast money loses to a strong movement every time. But, only for the retail investor. The banks will always get the bailout.

This time, at this stage, the Bitcoin movement is going to lean heavily on governments and banking systems that have been the enemy of the movement all this time. Now, crypto is too big to fail, and it is the final fail-bail of fiat. The prices are going to start to rise above the bear and the bull, as a limited Bitcoin supply, likely Litecoin to come next, maybe even Ethereum under 2.0, but retail and die-hard cryptonians will only marginally make a difference. It is going to be the absolute of irony, that the very systems we are fighting, will be the most significant owners of the asset that is designed to free us. Our breaking of bonds, is increasingly at the mercy and discretion of those who place the shackles.

So, enjoy the positivity, and share in the good will that embraces the economics, tokenomics, consensus and network building. But, don't forget that building better communities can also be a distraction in a quiet over-taking of market share.

We are in a strange time, where a decade of lost opportunities to message towards mass adoption, is giving way to the industries that are now going to do the community's job for it. Mass adoption started really coming in via PayPal and Paxos during this latest rush, and we've seen how quickly the powers that be can use the reach of popular people, entertainment, and market manipulation to consolidate control and squeeze people out of their share of earnings, all in a play to own the most of prized possessions. It's an old game, but one where people always underestimate the adversary. They've been at it a lot longer than any of us.

Crypto serves a myriad purpose for society. Let's remember that it is designed as a freedom tool. It is coded to protect us from the power that tends to rise to the top. Be it nation-states, or friendly city leaders. Remember: it is a positive if they are reminded to be our servants, and not the other way around.

And on that note, crypto Gordon Freeman, not running for office anywhere, for now... out.


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