Wear A Mask - But Only Because You're an Idiot - The Current State of Things

By BitcoinGordon | BitcoinGordon | 17 Jul 2020

Hi everyone.

This is a piece of commentary. I invite you to partake in a bit of an exercise; it's called thinking for yourself, contemplating facts, drawing one's conclusions. Many have lost the ability to do such things, so I'm going to be annoying and perhaps even provide a little insight.

"The truth? You can't handle the truth!" - A famous line from a famous movie. Now, an appropriate meme for a generation that seems far too easily led around by their nose by fake news sources with bad data.

My guess, is the first thing you will do is go searching for "is he a radical right idiot, or a radical left idiot?" It's even worse if I'm neither, isn't it?

We've all grown so accustomed to thinking everything in the world divides across a party line, that we truly cannot function as a society, and that is the main point of this post. I do have strong beliefs, feelings, and well-researched reasons for what I believe to be correct. But, how does an intelligent, non-brainwashed adult find truth in a world of manipulated half-truths, flat-out lies, and a big fat stack of ulterior motives? It ain't easy! Sometimes, the truth has to be estimated as an end result gathered from one's own intel.

Here's something else I firmly believe; symbols matter. Slogans, branding, labels, and items used as symbols. If you don't know what I mean, do yourself a favor and discover the movie "Wag The Dog". Especially if you're new to politics and you think all this stuff just started with the plague... I mean covid. 

Right now, the mask is being used to control your thoughts, your actions, your motivations, and to divide people into groups who are supposed to hate one another. In fact, the motivation for this post is having just been told what an idiot I am. Know what I did to earn that point? I posted the scientific fact about covid and masks on a news station's tweet. And, part of me agrees: the WHO IS a total idiot. That's where the scientific "fact" came from, that landed me a big fat idiot sign.

But, what does anyone actually mean by standing behind science? I am pretty sure that before 2020, I never would have even thought about searching for hydroxychloroquine. But, if you do so right now in Google, you will pull up 5 extremely left 'news' sources that state it does not work on covid (which it has not been designed to work on prior to 2020), and following this, an actual medical study stating that it is effective.

Right now, you're brewing, because you've just decided I am in support of using it for covid, or you're stewing over the fact that I called the first sources far left. Does it matter whether either of these are true? "Just statin' the facts, ma'am".

Seriously, we are, by design, a trigger-happy cancel culture that is ripe for being overtaken by a hostile tyranny, and I think most people have become so weak that they'd actually enjoy it. Huxley believed we would reach this point, and he was a bad dude.

The mere fact I have included this in this post, is going to make you want to stab me in the eye with the belief I am an extreme righty. But, why? I just stated what happens if you search something in Google. I didn't even tell you what I thought about it!?!

If you look at state laws being passed, they are mandating that people wear masks.

Okay, fine.

People are scared, they want to be told to do something that is helpful. I get it. Also, I wear a mask when I go to the store. I do it because I love my wife, my family, and care about other people. I doubt it is actually doing much to protect any of us, for actual medical reasons, but it is something I can do to potentially help, and it is also something that can potentially make things worse. Know what? Not going out a whole bunch might help prevent transmission as well. That tends to be my preference these days any way. My work is here at home where I can surround myself with screens that follow the movement of digital assets and allow me to very accurately, effectively day trade. But, I also know people who work out there in the world, and if they wore a mask everywhere they work, they'd pass out from lack of oxygen. 

I do actually believe covid-19 is a real thing. I do actually believe a lot of people are getting it. I do actually believe some are worse off than others, and I believe that getting together in a box with 500 people is likely to cause more people to contract an airborne virus than not.

But, a thought re-iterated from a post I wrote back when this was all first striking up: we do not know the true nature of this corona virus. China lied. China covered their efforts up. China made a false cover story and wasted weeks of actual potential data. Trump blocked traffic to/from, and one camp hated him for doing so at all, calling it racist, and then the other half of the same far left hated him for doing so too late. Science, eh? If people don't learn to draw conclusions based on logic and their own evidence, whatever they can actually trust, then there is no hope for humanity.

I'm going to take multiple stabs at the left for their inability to process information based on facts or science, because it is the thing you hear the leadership screaming over and over and over again. If you only knew a fraction of the science that I study, you'd understand how incredibly stupid politics makes people. Again, my harsh criticism of the left does not mean I am a brainless Donald supporter. Maybe I support him, maybe I don't. Maybe I'm a freakin' 3D cartoon? Who's to say? Here, I'll go ahead and say that Trump should not have re-iterated what the science advisors told him, mostly left in their convictions by the way, especially those who stated bleach might be an acting agent in something that could help.

Sometimes saying what's on your mind has context, and an open live briefing probably isn't the right time to think out loud. But, a cover story that someone tried using bleach was such absolute crap, you should be ashamed if reading this and actually believing that is how the world works. Someone used bleach to kill their spouse, not because they heard Trump suggest it for covid. Nuh uh. You are wrong. My understanding this still does not mean I base my information on being a loyalist. It means I assessed, I thought, I processed, and I concluded.

I'm going to bring this back around to masks in a second, but I hope just this little bit has caused you to reflect on what you have been thinking and doing the past few months.

We are all a little ticked off by this covid thing. The majority of us either have not gotten it, got it and didn't notice, or may not have met anyone with it.

For a few of us, like myself, we have seen it's effect. We lost 2 people to covid, and they were of the most stereotypical cases. One elderly person who was one of our closest family friends, a true musical genius, and a historically significant member of the arts community. He was living in an adult assistance facility. He ended up dying with all of the most horrific effects of covid. It Is NOT Just A Normal Flu. Get that right! But, medically, scientifically speaking, they did not test a single other elderly patient at the facility after he died!!!!!!!!!!! Another family friend who passed was not in the best health and was up in years. One family member had to test and was negative, so that was good! It means that you can be around someone who tested positive, as was the case, and a test can be found not to be manipulated by a hospital that just wants insurance money. Good!

What do we do with the rest of it?

The real campaign should be about washing your hands and not touching your face.

Here's the current scientific, medical answer regarding masks:

"In some countries masks are worn in accordance with local customs or in accordance with advice by national authorities in the context of COVID-19. In these situations, best practices should be followed about how to wear, remove, and dispose of them, and for hand hygiene after removal.

Advice to decision makers on the use of masks for healthy people in community settings

As described above, the wide use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not supported by current evidence and carries uncertainties and critical risks."

How many of you now hate me for suggesting masks don't work? Why? I didn't say so! Remember, I also stated that when I go out to the store, I wear one!

Does science still rely on evidence, or does it not? Does it rely retroactively on policy? Because, if that is the case, we are all royally screwed, and THAT seems to be the case.

So, here are some facts for you to digest:

Covid is real 

It is caused by the corona virus

Studies have shown that standing close and talking with a lot of 'oomph' can get droplets on other people and that's gross

Studies have shown that wearing a mask limits the travel of droplets

Somehow, the conclusion from studies is that masks don't work for anyone healthy

The same studies show that sick people should wear a mask in order to prevent getting others sick

Symptoms of getting covid can include a fever, weakness, sore throat, and can appear days after already being contagious

You may have it and have no symptoms at all

It can't live on surfaces long, but on some surfaces, still inconclusive, it can live for hours or days

If you get it, you might not know it

If you get it, you might die a horrible death in days

You might recover and have terrible lasting lung weakness and other issues

Wearing a mask might also cause lung issues, low oxygen and other health issues

This list can go on, but the truth is, we need more data, better data. What we have is inexcusably poor data collection. It really is. It is miserably disgustingly inaccurate data being collected from around the world. There is a political spin on every single piece of data, and it is being used to satisfy all interested parties.

You want a vaccine with total lack of transparency and legal responsibility for 7 billion repeat customers, to track every aspect of people's lives? Then, give the most terrifying scenarios. You want to prove that the virus is just a flu, then take the most potential cases, and the lowest probable deaths actually resulting from covid, and you'll end up with a remarkably low percentage of deaths from a remarkably high number of cases.

Herd immunity? We only get one chance to try it, and if it fails, uh, sorry. On the other hand, stay away from humans for months and never come into contact, and the second we try society again, every one catches corona 2021 and we just wasted all this time for nothing.

Listen folks, no one, and I mean NO ONE in politics is fully watching out for you and I. We have to be able to think for ourselves. I don't mind you wanting to get through the virus and get on with life. But, keep in mind, this is either a bad accident, a naturally occurring thunderstorm of crap, or it is an intentional attack against free society, and there are many actual data points suggesting the latter.

Blaming party line politics is not going to cure you of covid. But, it will infect you with stupidity and hate.

So, the fact that 90% of the world is getting along just to get along, is terrifying. Much more deadly than the 1918 virus, were the worst political movements of the past 100 years. So many more tens of millions died from the bad science of bad government. Let's not let that happen again in this intelligent information age. But, gotta be honest, having seen the limited thinking of the majority of people who open fire on the provocation of thought, without the ability to think for themselves, I worry about humanity in general.

Here's one final thought; it would be nice to be able to buy a mask made in my country, and not one made in China. Let that science sink in no matter where else you live. But hey, since we're talking about it, if you lived in Hong Kong right now, where would you like YOUR mask to be manufactured?

And for that pile of masked mayhem, this is Gordon Freeman, hoping some day to be free again, man...







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