So, Now That Elon Dumped On Your Head... Gordon Notta Prophet... but...

By BitcoinGordon | BitcoinGordon | 13 May 2021

May 12, 2021. Wow, what a day in crypto.

It was a day where people realized that things like Shiba coin are not sound money, and if that was necessary to explain I have little interest in, or respect for, those who were reliant upon it for a pump or a long term investment. But, it was also a day where Vitalik Buterin, or as I lovingly refer to him Vitamin Butterball, for no good reason other than the pleasure of the verbage, essentially dumped on top of those heads as well, double-rebounding a silly trick played upon his account deposit address, ending in a generous byproxy donation to charity. If you don't know what any of this means, don't worry about it... it just means crypto is the world in which we live. 

Now, add to that the fact that it was a bad day in stocks. I think a first wave of reality set in that we have a ridiculous clown serving as leader of a once-considered-free world.

So, we have the beginning of real mass adoption, and the herds are easily being led to slaughter, and it makes one keenly aware of how few one can count the true grown-ups in the room, and hundreds of millions of dollars from newcomers young and old are getting funneled into truly relentlessly bad projects, meanwhile among the best performers in long-track, forward thinking coins were Litecoin and Ether.

When the goal is to pour into Doge, outta Doge (get outta dodge?) into Doge-meme-memes, and then return to Bitcoin, it is no wonder that we get a seemingly out-of-left-field massive dump from Elon, suddenly becoming aware that it takes energy to mine and network the Bitcoin.

Seriously, Elon couldn't manage Tesla and SpaceX if his aspergers was that severe. WORLD-RECORD-SETTING RUN-ON SENTENCE WARNING INCOMING! He either met the real pressure of global governance for the first time for real, which I also find hard to believe considering the level he plays on, his family history with elitism in secret societies (hey listen, there's a difference between chasing rabbit holes and simply knowing some accurate information), and for no other reason than what it takes at Congress-level, international government level, and global governance level with the U.N. NGO's to negotiate the regulatory ramifications of private space travel and colonization, and changing the world of autonomous vehicles forever rendering the muscle car and precious lambo to horse-and-buggy status, or the other more logical option: he knew exactly what he was doing.

I did not watch SNL. I DID watch crypto-presenters watch SNL while posting their Doge price parties, all of them in awe and confusion why it was going down from $0.72 to $0.55, and eventually back into the $0.40's. Hmmm is it possible that $1 was the "rumor" and $0.72 was as close as it could get by time of the 'news' aka SNL tellin' the world bout Doge?

Two important notes: 

1) Elon chooses Doge for fun, for mining with his kids, and for pumping for mad gainz regardless of whether he minds dumping on you, the unsuspecting.

2) Elon chose Bitcoin for Tesla to actually accept payments.

What were the results of the separate chains of tweets, all positive about Doge and Bitcoin?

A rise in Doge eventually from $0.06 to $0.72.

A rise in Bitcoin eventually from mid $30K to $63K-ish.

What was the result by time of SNL? A Doge dump from $0.72 to $0.42.

What was the result of his sudden announcement that the love affair between Tesla and Bitcoin was at a stand-still until a better energy solution was forged?

A sell-off from a slowly recovering $59K Bitcoin down to $46K.

So lemme ask, just how benevolent is Elon Musk? Does he just wanna save the world, or are we all just ants of an anthill to be utilized for fertile soil and stomped if we grow too large to pose a sting or advancement into the king's castle? I personally believe a little column A and B.

People are shocked at the carelessness, the confusion, the awkward misguided trail of Elon's whimsy, but he is either REALLY, really bad at this, which should cause a pause for anyone using their minds, or it is possible that he is remarkably anchored and lifted by intelligence, family lineage and aspergers which could easily activate the chess-like capabilities of someone on a much higher intellectual level than ourselves to know exactly how to play all of these assets?

Something I observe and only hold opinion on, because I am not one of 'them', the elite... is that there is a jealousy at the top, a contest of billionaire swordsmen, an attempt to remind us that they are 'real' people, and a sometimes reckless abandon to accumulate more. The love of money is the root of all evil. Not money. Not the acquisition of assets. Not the labor to succeed. But the LOVE of money. Perhaps when it turns to lust it skews even the semi-benevolent of processes. From my outsider observations, this happens often. But, returning to one comment above, there is a real thing going on within secret societies, of which again, this is not that article, but it does lend a rich history of not-b.s. traditions of people assisting others to rise to power at the exclusion of others.

I believe strongly in meritocracy, and I also believe in being generous. I am rooting myself on, to succeed and become among those that can utilize wealth in a positive manner much more attentive and caring than political bodies and clever wealthy loop-lookers who take advantage of every means of tax evasion to repay themselves in secondary forms, be it shares, cryptocurrencies or other.

We have a dance taking place between Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Bezos, Gates and on and on and on, to be the biggest, the first, the most, the utmost, and their visions for the future may include some forms of civilization, but time and time again we find that the permanent changes to society are all of their planning, and usually the transformations mock those who may have a dissenting view. For all the excitement and convenience, people need to pause more often and question as to the "why" all roads always seem to minimize towards a singular path, with a technocracy at the top of the food chain... oh yeah they wanna decide what we can eat as well.

I like free will, freedom of choice, but more and more people will complain less and less and eagerly become increasingly compliant on the road to "their" vision of the future. 

Hopefully, you may notice that I am leaving a LOT of possibilities open here. I do not know these people personally. I observe their connections, historical ramifications of their past, their own words especially, and the curious timing of their deals made with governments that coincide with special privileges that cannot be talked away or dismissed, yet people are becoming very easy to brainwash and manage, so even offering convincing examples won't benefit my points, at this point.

My belief, is that Elon is smart enough to know the exact calculations of Doge's short term pumpability based on exactly how much money was traveling to and fro, what he had in it, and the timing of the adage to sell when its "Live Saturday Night", as he did know the impact of his most recent press release on Tesla. The other likely option is that after his announcement to accept Bitcoin, he got slapped by the global U.N. 2030 Agenda threats upwards of the pyramid, run like clockwork by elitist in the global banking system, with a bribe thick and daunting enough that it was worth pausing that plan and taking profit at the peak.

So, what comes next? If Elon is smart and not just easily intimidated by demonic global central-bankers and their lineage, then I imagine a full-force effort, perhaps an alliance, of energy-providing services is oncoming from Tesla, SpaceX or a new branch of Elon projects. To make the world a better place, whether it is solar, battery, turbine-based natural zero-carbon blahblahblah, there are a lot of reasons to believe this kind of full assault on Bitcoin and PoW was coming. I've been talking about it for years, once again just because Gordon studies the real history based on the real documents from the real sources. I do not take the word of a single talking head on a single network. I study for myself.

Elon may simply swerve a jagged line without regard for fallout. He may be a multi-level evil genius and play this exactly as he knows. He may be among a few who don't really care what happens when money does money things and the impact that can have on millions of small fries. Who knows? the shadow knows? I dunno.

What I DO know, is that the market took numerous impacts that were bound to happen, all wrapped in a logical veneer of politics that have played out this way in history and usually leads to an explosion of inflation that renders cash useless. This time... no wait THIS time it is supposed to be different.

Everyone who is planning on not returning to work because the U.S. unemployment benefits are too good, is putting us on a road to disaster. The U.N. offers China the world-domination position while allowing the worst pollution, the worst human rights conditions, the worst attacks on free trade by means of ripping off intellectual property rights from copyright and patent owners, while intentionally holding back on leading countries. There is a reason that the same body helping us all out, backs the WEF, the now infamous "you will own nothing and you will be happy" that most of you are just now hearing for the first time, but I've been reading since the 1950's publishings from the Club of Rome, the think tank charged with the challenge of finding an angle to round up the human race, re-organize it according to a global Socialist order, to make individuals manageable, to organize a global education, global monetary system, a global attack against independent religion replaced with humanism, and a slow-cooking plan to get us all to go along peacefully by believing we, in fact, were the greatest danger all along.

Could all of this Elon-ning be happening because of the timing of taproot and mining difficulty of Bitcoin, a perfect time to push things down for re-entry? Certainly could be. Dunno.

People tend to believe things that make absolutely no common sense to believe. I do not know whether the intentional dumping on the market is one of these. Maybe yes. Maybe no. There is a reason I saw it coming, likely because I've been burned by it a few times before.

I saw what the hash wars did to the market between Ver and Wright and others. I saw the venom of Wright going on a lawsuit spree all while doing incredibly dishonest things himself. Hard forks and venom seem to be the top features of certain coin projects, and people who swear to "burn the entire f'ing blockchain to the ground" to prove their idea is best, do not have, nor will they ever earn, my respect. Not that they care about what Gordon thinks. They'd have to be aware of me to care. Actually, thus far the Winklevi, Pomp, Ant, Charlie and Vitalik are all mildly aware of me via a few tweets here and there, which I hold in high honor. But, between us, it stands to reason I am the only one who would remember such.

What is the point in all of this? Honestly, I don't know. Not true. The point, is that it is probably a safe bet to assume "they" don't really care about us. Thus, it may be safe to assume we shouldn't take everything they are saying as gospel. There is a good chance we are all being used to popularize famous tweets and bold, timely moves at market to further a goal of an elitist. Caution, diligence, and fighting our human nature instinct to FUD and FOMO is of the utmost importance! Gordon may be seeking to step up his game on his video channel again... not entirely sure. Should this sense of justice reign true? I dunno. For now I've been in a writing mood.

Anyway everyone, the power of this post is to encourage you to be skeptical of human beings with benevolent intentions. That's pretty much it. We're (not really) all in this together, but we should be. In this case, not a global plandemic, but cryptocurrency. We should buy, sell, trade, earn, stake, and HODL our way to the top so we can help bend the world in a slightly better direction. I'm all for tech and innovation, but I don't like when absolutism and control are part of the plan, and I think the manipulation of markets is reaching a dangerous new level. There is a LOT at stake for us small guys on the ride to the top. Will we get there? I sure hope so. I won't give up until the good Lord tells me my time has come. Until then, I'm going to fight the good fight, write, joke, laugh, snark, pray, trade, do accounting and push as hard as I can to succeed and overcome my obstacles. To do so, I'm going to keep my strategy hyper-focused on safe, small, steady forward movement until I double, quadruple, and quadraquadraquadruple that again.

And on that non-languag-able note, Gordon Freeman, semi-leader of the free world of crypto in a very, very small ecochamber, perhaps in his own mind and the minds of 2023 others... out.

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