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Is A Bitcoin Mining Council A Bad Idea?

25 May 2021 7 minute read 11 comments BitcoinGordon

Welcome to crypto, where the daily news cycle happens 3 times/day. There's no way a single person could ever keep up with the crypto news fast enough to even explain what just happened. I find that thrilling! In this case, I'm skipping right over to...

A VERY Simple Metaphor For Bitcoin's Energy Use Debate: And A Bit Grumpy Too

24 May 2021 11 minute read 7 comments BitcoinGordon

Happy May 24th to the wonderful followers of my blog! After a month of moronic Elonic colonoscopies, a Pope on a rope, and a week of China banhammerings, Bitcoin still appears to exist. A month of deadly blows to the market, the volume is healthy, th...

Reflecting On Bitcoin Pizza Day: How Was Bitcoin Designed And How Is Bitcoin Doing

23 May 2021 6 minute read 4 comments BitcoinGordon

Happy May 22, 2021, Bitcoin Pizza Day crypto universe! These past weeks have been weeks of intentional divisiveness in the cryptocurrency world. We've all seen it, we've all felt it. Many of us living and breathing the market perhaps have felt it mor...

Who Would've Thought The Gap Between New and OG Could Come So Quickly?

20 May 2021 6 minute read 5 comments BitcoinGordon

There are few things shorter than the attention span of a Gen-Z'er. In fact, it's hard to even know what labels we're putting on these things anymore. It's not really a millennial, but it is. It's not really a boomer either, but these classifications...

Bitcoin's Journey As A Store Of Value Asset And Arguments Regarding Centralization

20 May 2021 14 minute read 6 comments BitcoinGordon

Gordon has been watching the blood bath. Taking out zombies with a crowbar is easy. Economies: not so much. We live in a time of unprecedented... well, everything. Everything is unprecedented. That's the tweet. Except, this isn't a tweet. This is a p...

A Thought Piece About Crypto And Politics

16 May 2021 8 minute read 8 comments BitcoinGordon

When I first started getting serious about crypto, I separated out a ton of categories I would talk about at a later time. Those things were often barely touched upon by others. People's certainty about the sanctity of crypto ran so deep, they simply...

Because I See "It" For What It Is, I Won't Talk About "That" For A Minute... The Right Minute

16 May 2021 13 minute read 25 comments BitcoinGordon

If you are here and reading this, I didn't do this for the click bait, but I am proud of you for having the natural human curiosity to open this and read, not only being led around by the nose based solely on the importance or irritation of the topic...

How Irony May 'Secure The Network' - Comparing The Internet To Traditional Finance's Role In the Future Of Bitcoin

15 May 2021 7 minute read 0 comments BitcoinGordon

It is 5 AM EST on the 15th of May, 2021 at Gordon's undercover hideout... location unknown. The crypto super hero has been driven underground on reports that there is an attack on the very principles of cryptocurrency, and we're leading an undergroun...

I Am Not A Bitcoin Maxi, But Don't Tempt Me

14 May 2021 12 minute read 10 comments BitcoinGordon

Gordon Freeman enjoys his research, trading, accounting, saving the world from the occasional future-Nazi tyrant... but every once in a while, a week like this past week comes along, and it strengthens everything you think you think about what you th...

Come Saylor-way... Or... Michael Saylor's Brilliant Tweet Symphony On The Intelligent Energy-Efficient Use of Bitcoin

14 May 2021 13 minute read 0 comments BitcoinGordon

The quoted source for all following points originate from Michael Saylor on his Twitter. The following link seems to get me there: My goal for this post (thus a goalpost?) is to observe Sa...