How much I made on FaucetCrypto (after two weeks)

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 27 Jan 2022

The internet is awash with website called 'faucet-something' and even though most of them are a dud, I'm willing to give each and every one them a shot. One day, as I was randomly reading some of the posts here on Publish0x, I found a link to and started using it. Not even a day later, I'd already discovered a few features that made it more compelling than most rival websites.

It is a well-known, straightforward recipe: you receive points for completing tasks and you can then convert those points into crypto and cash out, at the time of writing, FaucetCrypto supports Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Bittorrent, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Reddcoin, Ethereum Classic, Komodo, Litecoin, Piratecash, Pivx, Qtum, Ravencoin, Syscoin, Tron, Zcash and Horizen.*

The first thing I wanna mention is the low payout threshold, the equivalent of $0.10, and the payout commission is a fraction of a cent. I'd personally call that a big deal because most equivalent faucets have unrealistically high thresholds.

Secondly, you can count on a guaranteed number of tasks every single day, because it doesn't rely on surveys (which I absolutely hate, but that's my 2 cents), which means that every day you can log in, do stuff and earn crypto.

Thirdly, and this is also a key bullet point, the system allows you earn more as you go, because each task gives you what the website refers to as 'experience points', which allow you to proceed to the next level, and every time you get to a new level, every prize on the website is worth 0.125% more, and there's no limit. So you could, in theory, 1000x your prizes.

So far, I've cashed out my coins 8 times: 3 times with Ravencoin for a total of 3.74 RVN and 5 times with Syscoin for a total of 2.37 SYS. Some of my friends think I'm an idiot and I'm wasting my time because that's obviously not enough for a beer (well, it is for me, but that's just because I live in an inexpensive country) but when it comes to cryptocurrencies I have a very simple strategy: accumulate, never sell and keep feeding my BTC balance every and any which way I can. It's done pretty well so far.

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*the list is regularly updated

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