's marketing budget must be huge

By LeftFooted | bitcoinea | 23 Dec 2021

The other day I wrote an article about my experience with and some comments were a bit harsh, it seems a lot of people find the platform very easy to use, which I don't, but hey, to each their own. Having said that, I find fascinating mainy because their marketing strategy intrigues me. Their marketing strategy: spending as much as they can on as many things as they can. Kidding.

But all jokes aside, after the $700mln deal for the Arena (formerly known as Staples Center), the company has now teamed up with Angel City Football Club, which is the female football team of Los Angeles. They say they want to encourage “financial education, independence and financial empowerment” for women. It's an interesting that they call it a 'football' team because Americans famously call football soccer. But that's a different conversation altogether.

Julie Uhrman, co-founder of Angel City Football Club, said that will help "educate our community and players on crypto and allow our players to use the power of NFTs to connect with and create a deeper relationship with their fans.”

I feel like these exchanges, platforms and wallets are competing to become the Google and Amazon of web 3.0. What is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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