The reasons why blogging hasn't worked out for me

The reasons why blogging hasn't worked out for me

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 29 Jun 2020

As part of my constant process of reviewing my time management, I reviewed my results when it comes to blogging, how many posts I published, how I performed building my own community, what I have learnt...mainly to come to a conclusion where I wanna go with blogging. Those are my thoughts - completely unfiltered. 

- By moving away from low-quality posts the number of posts reduced as well. 

- It is hard to come up with new content regularly especially during busy days. 

- Since I started seriously to publish content here, I gained over 300 followers. As I can't engage with my followers on Publish0x like I want to, the number of followers seems to have no impact on views of my articles. 

- There is no link between having followers here and Twitter. Therefore I assume people just come here to use their free tips by following the easiest path. That means as long as your articles are shown on the starting page you will get some attention. 

- I spend a lot of time re-formatting texts, thinking about ideas and looking for new content....I probably supported my local coffee place with more $ than I ever received in tips here :) 

- I won two different contests (random picks) that made me more compared to all tips I received so far. 

- I got involved in #DeFi but decided it is not for me. It is way too complicated to estimate earnings and nobody really seems to understand what they are investing in. The whole vibe around DeFi reminds me of the movie 'The Big short'. 

- Just by looking at the articles published by other authors during writing contests, there is a lot of talent here publishing content. As I am not a native English speaker I believe there are better ways for me to spend my time on. 



Considering the amount of time I spent on blogging here and that I have failed to transfer any of those followers across to Twitter I will probably spend less time on writing blog articles. I don't feel a lot of good vibes coming from the crypto space lately...everyone seems to look for THE cryptocurrency that might deliver the same gains we have seen that Bitcoin made from 2010 to 2017. My feeling is they are currently selling the 'dream' to the public. Bitcoin is far from being decentralized. A minority of people holding most of the coins. The only token I really think is useful is Monero as it is private as stated. But governments will never allow that Monero will take off as they can't control it. At least not yet...
I will still participate here and there when there is a new writing contest and hope I will be lucky getting some tokens to play with. But I decided it makes more sense to focus on other areas...probably that are more related to my field so I can publish content on other sites and help people develop those skills. Or maybe I just need a break as I am experiencing some stressful times financially currently and it feels wrong to spend time on a hobby rather than using it in the most effective way possible. 

Stay safe, leave me a comment if you like. 

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