Recap of the Binance and Brave AMA

Recap of the Binance and Brave AMA

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 6 May 2020

I am a big fan of AMA events as you have the opportunity to talk to people you would never have a chance to get noticed. There was an AMA event between the Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao and the Brave CEO, Brendan Eich and I found it worth to publish an article about it.

They have addressed a few very important things that will give a better picture what is coming next out of the joint collaboration of these two industry giants. Eich has confirmed that more than 13.8 Million people are using Brave by the end of April.

On the integration of Binance Widget into Brave browser

CZ: I've always viewed wallets as the browser to the blockchain space. And now, we have a browser as well. How do you see the integration? 

Brendan: I think what we've done with the Binance trading widget is a good example. Browsers tend to absorb things from other protocols or other apps. The browser is like the universal app. That means if you want to use a wallet app, that's great. You can do it on a mobile, and it might be the right tool for the job. But what if you're in the browser? What's better having to switch to a wallet app, or to stay in the browser and have the composition of crypto wallets and browsers available to you?

CZ: Before I came across the Brave browser, I was always thinking the wallet is the browser for the blockchain space, and now we're integrating the two, which is extremely powerful. 

Brendan: Now we can see with crypto and Brave, that you can not only put payments into the web protocols or the webpages, but you can also put them in the browser. You can support creators without them having to change their webpages. 


I am wondering if we see a change in the use of wallets soon from Uphold to Binance completely. So far I don't mind Uphold as there are no transaction fees to move $BAT from their wallet to any other wallet or exchange.

On the next steps for Binance-Brave partnership

CZ: In this ecosystem, how do you see Binance helping? What other things can we do to help? 

Brendan: When you go to buy at Amazon, they have your credit card. I also happen to use Apple iTunes. They have my credit card; I have an Apple credit card now. But what about all the websites I go to? I don't want to give them all my credit card or sign up with them. I don't want to risk my credit card number being stolen or something else bad happening. I'd rather just have a way of paying them through the browser anonymously. And that's where Brave makes things possible. We're trying to bring crypto to the masses and the creators on the web so that everybody can make more money and create better web content.

We find greater efficiency through crypto. We find the ability to go direct, and this direct relationship is super important. Binance can be helpful for any situation where you want to pay somebody. They only have to get a Binance account, and then you can send money to them directly on Binance. And that kind of power is hard to do with cash. 


That is an important one to me as well. I think always twice before entering my credit card details somewhere. So I rather use crypto to do payments instead of providing sites with my cc details. I reckon this will be huge for driving adoption.

Can I earn BNB from the Brave browser in the future?

CZ: I think in addition to BNB, we actually also want to sponsor BUSD. For a lot of the payments related stuff, people prefer a stablecoin because mentally that's more stable, especially for shop owners when their expenses are covered in fiat currencies.


Good things will come. The integration of Binance will allow is to earn other coins that have an intrinsic value. 

There are some more interesting topics they have covered but those points are the most important ones to me. Feel free to check out the full video from Binance here

Overall, I really like how both CEOs engaging with their community and make it transparent how they will move forward by working together.


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