Publish0xTutorials - The Easiest Way To Learn How To Write Original And Compelling Content and Attract Plenty Of Readers
Publish0xTutorials - The Easiest Way To Learn How To Write Original And Compelling Content and Attract Plenty Of Readers
Publish0xTutorials - The Easiest Way To Learn How To Write Original And Compelling Content and Attract Plenty Of Readers

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 4 Feb 2020

As you might have already experienced coming up with something to write about if you want to get started with blogging or creating content, in general, it can be tough. So this article as part of Publish0x's Writing contest will give you my insights about how to create compelling content and get attention from readers on Publish0x.

Accept that there is no trick to come up with great content every day. Guess what? Even people who are writing for a living find themselves stuck on a regular basis. But hopefully, the following pieces of advice will help to improve your content creation and the overall quality of your blog on Publish0x.

1) Keep in mind how you found about Publish0x? So you should be aware of what people are currently around and who you are writing for. People who have an interest in crypto-related topics. Know your audience.

2) What are your favorite blogposts here and from other sites? Think about why you feel attracted to click on the title itself? Think about why you took the time to read a blog post from start to finish? What was the most fascinating thing? How did this blogpost capture your attention? Get inspired.

3) Have a chat with your real-life friends with an interest in crypto. What are they up to? Why? Collect ideas that keep them going to check on crypto-related topics? Is there a common interest?

4) Think about something you have experienced since you started to be interested in Crypto. How did you get involved? Tell about yourself and create a real connection with readers.

5) Think about if any of your experiences would be helpful to other people with the same problem? Create value whenever possible!

6) Ask people for feedback in your comments. Get feedback and respond to comments! Ask questions if you are genuinely interested! Attracting readers is about connecting with people!

7) Do an interview with someone who is working on a topic of interest. Don't forget to ask them if it is ok to publish it as well.

8) Share your newest work on social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook ... building a community helps tremendously to use their responses to get ideas that you potentially can write about next.

9) Write about your favorite products? This can be anything: A wallet, a service, a specific cryptocurrency that caught your attention.

10) Don't post useless content. Yes, I am guilty of doing it as well. I thought to post another airdrop or contest would be appreciated but be honest with yourself, we are all tired of being distracted of all those posts while looking for something interesting.

11) Try to connect with other bloggers. Look for a cooperation to give each other attention. Ask them if they are interested to post on your channel and vice versa.

12) Pick a project and tell your audience what you liked or disliked about it. Start to discuss it with your readers.

13) Share some of the things where you fu**ed up, what you wished you knew before you even started.

14) Review something you bought or used recently? Did you buy a new hardware wallet? Why? Did you buy a new miner? A review of a physical product is always highly appreciated.

15) Reposting some of your older posts and rethinking your conclusions from the past can be fascinating. Human behavior is about learning and development. Share those insights about yourself if it fits your content and persona.

16) Try to use compelling headlines to get viewers interested in reading. Have a look on Youtube. You can instantly tell what is clickbait and what is legit content. Use with caution and avoid people getting click baited because you don't deliver what was promised. What works for famous bloggers or Youtubers doesn't work for people who start from scratch. Avoid the frustration of people leaving you because you try to bait them.

17) Give credits to people who inspired you. Nobody expects that you are coming up with great ideas and content each and every day.

18) Give credits to people who helped to make your blog posts more appealing (for example post references to articles or author of images)

19) Check communities and get inspiration. The CryptoTwitter community can be weird but sometimes there are hidden gems to be found.

20) Check statistics and Google Trends. See what people are interested in. Start to blog about it.

21) Find a place where it is easy for you to write down your ideas. Nothing is more frustrating if you can't focus and have to start over and over again because people are constantly interrupting or distracting you.

22) Work on your blog's appearance. Use proper grammar (Grammarly was a huge help for me as I am not a native English speaker), use punctuation, paragraphs and format your text.

23) Try to create a scene when you start writing. This usually is already the first paragraph where you should state your case. Imagine a blog post is more than just an article and improve your storytelling skills. You want to keep them engaged to read the whole article or blog post.

24) Be authentic, get inspiration, ideas, and concepts from others but then transform them into something unique. Most people stick with a blogger due to his persona!

25) With every post, you get more and more practice. Stop being a perfectionist and start today!


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


I started mining and trading in 2017, participated in airdrops, hardforks, and ICOs. I spent much time making myself familiar with technical analysis. I like to make people aware of things I am currently doing in the crypto space, projects I am currently spending time on.

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