I failed to invest in DeFi
I failed to invest in DeFi

I failed to invest in DeFi

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 21 Feb 2020

After starting to consume a lot of information about DeFi projetcs I decided to follow one of the 'guides' which another author here on Publish0x sent in as part of the current Publish0x writing contest. His blog is mainly about DeFi so feel free to check him out (https://www.publish0x.com/defi-opfi/publish0xtutorials-how-to-invest-and-grow-your-rewards-xkznde). But read first, what has happened to me following his guide.

Making a long story short, his article is mostly about how to invest the BAT tokens you earn on Publish0x can be invested rather than being hodl'ed in a wallet. Simply because the main idea of most DeFi projects are to get a better dividend out of investing into DeFi than holding your tokens.

According to the guide you will come across the site https://zerion.io - this site allows you to add liquidity to the BAT pool at Uniswap. It is fairly simple (click on login on zerion.io, connect your wallet, click on the tab invest, and there is usually a hyperlink next to each cryptocurrency allowing you to add liquidity). This can be all done in a couple of minutes. Fair enough.

Although I made the decision to add my BAT to this pool, I noticed that the BAT liquidity pool has disappeared.


That are all pools I can choose from.

I am currently not sure why??? Is this related to the recent DeFi hacks? I have reached out to the author of the guide but unfortunately, there is not a good and fast way to connect with other people here on Publish0x. I wish tagging or something would work...

Anyways, I will keep you updated about a response respectively the next steps I am going to take in the DeFi space.



Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

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