Brave's advanced privacy-related features

Brave's advanced privacy-related features

By bitcoindelight | bitcoindelight | 19 May 2020

Since I have started using Brave I follow their development as I like how they put privacy and data security first. Sure, initially I came across Brave after they put some marketing around $BAT and I enjoyed being rewarded browsing the web. A few months later I transitioned completely from Chrome to Brave and Opera as they developing their privacy-related features constantly.

Brave just increased their protection mechanisms against fingerprinting.

What is Fingerprinting?

Browser fingerprinting is a technique for identifying and tracking people on the Web by combining multiple semi-identifiers (things that are slightly different about each person’s browser, such as the size of the browser window or computer hardware details) and combining them into a single, unique identifier.

The technique works like this: different people have different language preferences, use different operating systems, etc. In isolation, none of these differences is likely to be unique enough to identify you. A website can see that one user reads French, while another reads Malay, but there will be many French and Malay speakers (amongst others), so a site can’t track individuals based on whether they prefer French, Malay, or any other language. Similarly, some users use MacOS, others Windows and others Linux; there are many people in each category.

However, by combining a large number of these semi-identifiers, sites can identify individuals. A site might have a lot of French readers, and a lot of Linux users; only a much smaller number of people will be both using Linux and preferring French. By combining many such semi-identifiers, sites can often uniquely identify (and so track) a large percentage of their users.



Brave currently leads the way in fingerprinting protection, and no other browser offers users the functionality that Brave presently features or is working on implementing. When users browse with Brave, they know they’re using a browser that puts their interests first, and that our novel fingerprinting protection techniques prevent them from being tracked by sites and third parties. We look forward to receiving feedback on our new techniques, and hope that others will choose to implement similar approaches to give users the privacy they deserve.

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It is always a good sign to see that projects that are somehow supporting cryptocurrencies are being maintained and moving forward. Especially in the security space...therefore I am very happy to hold my $BAT as I can see they move forward with their development that drives up the value of their core product. On top, for me, the integration with Binance is another important reason, why I explained that $BAT and Binance Coin are my favourite altcoins these days.

Feel free to check out their latest article to get a better understanding of Fingerprinting. 

If you haven't used Brave yet, give it a try - the latest version can be downloaded here >>> BRAVE BROWSER DOWNLOAD<<<

Stay safe and take care.
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