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4 Simple Ways To Orange Pill Someone This Weekend

By James J Griffin | BitcoinDad | 9 Mar 2022

Orange Pill Someone This Weekend

You just can’t make this stuff up.

The fervor and mania focused around BTC is undeniably impressive, but there remains a lot of work that we must be doing to achieve widespread adoption. What does it mean for an asset or technology to achieve widespread adoption? It means there are a handful of consumers with disproportionate levels of enthusiasm.

The telegraphed invasion of Ukraine by Russia over the past several weeks has proven that bitcoin is here as a tool for the oppressed. That's why widespread adoption is more important than it's ever been.

No longer just an outlier cocktail party asset. It's providing the means for real opposition in real lives.

And luckily, it's never been easier to Orange pill someone.

Barriers to Adoption

The primary barrier to bitcoin adoption isn't a bug, it's an asset. And that asset is that it can be fairly complicated to get someone going. Since this money works like no money they've ever been a part of before.

For those of us who have adopted bitcoin, there was a learning curve. A trip down the proverbial rabbit hole. If we really break down what we need to do, it's get Satoshis into new wallets.

Get someone to get a free wallet and a few satoshis deposited therein, and you're off to the races. "Stacking sats" is nothing more than "keeping score." And we all want to get a high score.

It's just human nature.

1. Cryptotab Browser

62% of the web browser market is dominated by Google's Chrome browser. If you look on the average Boomer computer, they're going to be running some flavor of the Chrome software kit. Be it Chrome itself, Chromium, or even Edge.

It's all Chrome.

You know what else is Chrome based? Cryptotab Browser. It has a light bitcoin miner built right in. It runs all the Chrome extensions we know and love, and it throws off a few Satoshis for the trouble.

Is it a game changing number of Sats? Of course not. Should you go for their upgrades or cloud mining gimmicks? Absolutely not. That's a scam for certain.

But if the end goal is to get a few Sats racked up, so they can be deposited into a wallet, then so be it. It's a no risk way to get Sats into new hands with basically no work.

If you haven't taken the time to look at Cryptotab browser and recommend it for your friends and family, you should. It's a dead simple way to Orange Pill a new person into the fold.

It's available for desktops, iOS, and Android. Unless you're using linux, you should have your bases covered.


2. Smaller Exchanges

We know the adage, "not your keys, not your coins." And that's true. And it's important for large amounts. It is, however, absolutely inconsequential for smaller amounts.

One easy way to bring new users into the network is by leveraging the exchanges. Those new Sats they got from Cryptotab? Why deposit them into a software wallet where they are at the whims of a notoriously volatile market when they can be earning 6% at Celsius.

Or 4% at Nexo?

When a savings account returns less than 1%, 6% is unheard of. Are there dodgy things going on at these companies that put that small deposit at risk? Perhaps.

Does it matter? Absolutely not.

As your new orange pilled friend goes deeper down the bitcoin rabbit hole now that they have some chips in the pot, they'll eventually want to move their coins off the exchanges. It's a natural maturation process.

3. Cointiply


Bitcoin faucets were once a legitimate way to get started in the bitcoin world. But that time has long since passed with asset appreciation.

Cointiply is one of the last remaining bitcoin faucets that's worth anyone's attention.

Essentially it's a survey site that does revenue sharing with its users.

The nice thing about Cointiply is that they actually pay out. The payout requirement is pretty low at $5 USD to convert and withdraw bitcoin, and it requires no investment whatsoever on the part of the new user.


Again, if they want to withdraw their bitcoin to a central exchange and hold it for interest bearing, they can.

4. Supporting Human Rights

Bitcoin for Ukraine

The last way to get someone onboard with bitcoin is to show them what it can do for real people.

Ukraine is currently struggling to defend itself against a Russian onslaught. Bitcoin is a way to get money into the hands of those who need it without needing any infrastructure outside an internet connection. Which, for the time being, still exists.

Consider picking up a shirt with the official Ukraine QR code on it. The proceeds are going to buy bitcoin to send to that address. Wear your donation on your chest and show no-coiners what bitcoin really is.


There are, of course, other ways to get someone orange pilled, but let's get the basics down first shall we? These methods require no investment on the part of the user, and they establish the infrastructure needed to operate within the bitcoin sphere.

I didn't touch on lightning at all, but that has made smaller transactions a reality. It's time for us, who have adopted the protocol, to do our part to show others, hands on, how it's done and what it can do.

Let me know what other ideas you have to get people on board quickly. Let's orange pill some people this weekend, shall we?

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James J Griffin
James J Griffin

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