Cryptocurrency is a space that new dads in the 21st century are going to have to pay attention to. This isn't a shift in the economy like we experienced with the gold watch and pensions.

4 Simple Ways To Orange Pill Someone This Weekend

9 Mar 2022 3 minute read 0 comments James J Griffin

You just can’t make this stuff up. The fervor and mania focused around BTC is undeniably impressive, but there remains a lot of work that we must be doing to achieve widespread adoption. What does it mean for an asset or technology to achieve widesp...

Why Needs To Add The Lightning Network & Allow Bitcoin Tipping

11 Feb 2022 2 minute read 20 comments James J Griffin

I've been a big fan of Publish0x since the day it launched. I was there (albeit later than many, but I've been busy) on the site's beta launch, and have placed in both the contest articles published over the last few months. One thing that confuses m...

Don’t Write Off NFT’s Until You See What JetCoin is Quietly Preparing

10 Jan 2022 4 minute read 1 comment James J Griffin

Admit it. You’re a closet NFT fan. At the very least, you’re NFT curious. Everyone is. You wouldn’t know it from bitcoin twitter, but they are. How the hell are these glorified jpegs selling for so much money? Well, ETH, but you get the drift.  That...

7 Reasons Why Is Going to End Google

21 Mar 2021 6 minute read 2 comments James J Griffin

Do you remember when we believed Google's mantra "Don't be evil?"   Google, while king of search, is far from perfect. In fact, they can be downright evil. Look at everything from their handling of GDPR to the recent news stories about YouTube exploi...