Bitcoin Is The Asteroid, Central Banks Are The Dinosaurs.

Bitcoin Is The Asteroid, Central Banks Are The Dinosaurs.

By bitcoin2009 | bitcoin2009 | 31 Oct 2020

Iran's New Crypto Law Requires Miners to Sell Bitcoin Directly to Central Bank to Fund Imports - Sometime over the next few years, I'm betting central banks will print money to buy Bitcoin; perhaps they will all compete. There's a game theory incentive to acquire a decent share of the 21 million coins. They will realize that if they want some kind of relevance and power in the future, they will have to achieve a decent Bitcoin position. Currently, central banks hoard most of the world's Gold; the majority of Bitcoin is held by people & companies. In a world dominated by Bitcoin, Gold holds much less weight. Bitcoin is harder money than Gold & it's much more practical. They must be getting worried about this - hence why Iran (I'm assuming more countries will follow) are putting laws like this in place to acquire as much Bitcoin as they can. Mining Bitcoin requires no KYC or permission, so I'm assuming most people in Iran will simply ignore this law. Even if central banks wanted to hoard ridiculous amounts of Bitcoin, they couldn't - There's 2.5m coins left to mine & a few million on the open market for sale. 

As individuals, I believe we need to stack sats as much as we can before major central banks catch on. The more Bitcoin that is held by the people, the better off the future will be. Most of the issues in the world today stem from the money; central banking being the root issue of it all. A small group of central bankers are able to create money whenever they want, at tax payers expense; in what world should this be considered ethical? It's pure evil if you ask me. Inflation is a sly tax that pays for all the things in the world that the average person wouldn't agree to - i.e wars, terrorism etc. Makes you wonder how much more peace there'd be in the world with a much better monetary policy like Bitcoin. If there's no ability for a government to easily fund a war without any real cost, there's less incentive to have one. There's also large amounts of money funneled to large banks/corporations at tax payers expense (QE, bailouts etc). Basically, taxes are high and everyone knows this, most complain about it, however most just accept it & move on.  Little do most people know, they're only seeing 1/10th of the theft. There are so many convoluted words to confuse you, that essentially all mean tax. Like Stimulus, it's further sly taxation on your future (& your childrens future) - there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Honestly seeing headlines like this, gives me more hope that Bitcoin is getting closer to making central banks extinct. Eventually it's inevitable; Bitcoin is just too powerful. Any person on this planet, who has access to a smart phone & internet connectivity can now benefit from it's network. The people are starting to take the power back. No doubt governments won't let this happen easy. We need to push back and fight for our rights. It's the law abiding citizens getting screwed the most. Their Bitcoin & crypto regulations/laws don't prevent crime, they allow the governments/central banks to continue committing it. I've written similar content to this on many forum/social platforms & I've been censored numerous times - hense why you have to run you're own site. This isn't a conspiracy, it's common knowledge if you have basic understanding of money. It's not hate speech, it's simply the truth. Everyone is getting robbed, there's no two ways about this. Bitcoin is the clear answer. 

Happy Holloween! - this is the shit that should keep you up at night.





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