Bitcoin Doesn't Need A Bank, It Is The Bank.

Bitcoin Doesn't Need A Bank, It Is The Bank.

By bitcoin2009 | bitcoin2009 | 29 Oct 2020

Coinbase launches crypto debit card in U.S. with 1% Bitcoin reward - In the short-term this is good, as it creates a transitional bridge into the Bitcoin world. In the long-run I'm expecting companies like Coinbase to become redundant. Having a card in my mind is just to make you feel comfortable - as it resembles the old system. Any smart device now has the potential to become the card, bank, central bank & basically a form of government.

On top of this, decentralized exchanges/swaps are already starting to outperform centralized ones. For example - a few guys created Uni-swap (Ethereum DEX) and within a couple months it's volume was outperforming Coinbase. This happened because decentralized exchanges/swap platforms are easy to use and they don't require any ID or permission - the way it should be. Personally I'm a big fan of P2P exchanges like Bisq & Hodl Hodl, I think these 2 projects are paving the way for a decentralized-only-bitcoin-world. As well as being a peer-to-peer exchange, Hodl Hodl has a new P2P lending protocol - non-custodial DeFi! These 2 projects operate completely out of the system, there's no going back to government money.

I can't see companies like Coinbase surviving; plus they're extremely tight with the government. They're clearing getting paid under the table to help track your Bitcoin/crypto - They just recently sold blockchain analysis software to the US government. Why would you support a group of individuals trying to undermine this tech & everyone using it. The whole reason Bitcoin exists is to avoid this madness. Do yourself & your family a favor - delete Coinbase ASAP. Companies like Coinbase are about maximum profit, they don't care about their users.

If you don't value your privacy yet, I really think you should start. I'm not saying become an outlaw, I'm saying you're entitled to your privacy. It's a basic human right. Don't make it easy for them. Don't feel like a criminal. The criminal act is taking it from people. With your privacy stripped from you, a malicious person or group of people is able to control you; hold you at ransom; at the cost of your health, well-being, reputation etc. Since 9-11 our privacy fell on a cliff. Try to make yourself more private overtime. It'll only benefit you in the long run. Deleting Coinbase is definitely step one. See guide for improving privacy. Bitcoin is the power we need to properly ignite change forever. 


is the financial system collapsing is the financial system collapsing



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