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Bitcoin Transactions at low Price

367 Million Dollars Bitcoin Transfer Fee was Less than 1 Dollars!!!

By Atia99 | Bitcoin trading investments | 26 Apr 2020

Hello Brothers if you are seeing that Bitcoin that is just a hot and number 1 spot and has been trading at a price of almost 7600 dollars. And this so because it has some kind of great values here. 

 And thus you can see that it is just been Trading Above the 7600 dollars and can move too upward here. And you can also see on a the fact is that I was reading that I discovered that Bitcoin that is just been a number 1 spot has been moved too high. And so that it make a hot transactions.

Bitcoin Transfer Fee???

so the fact is that I was very very wondered that when I make a transaction of coins of Bitcoin it costs me around 2 dollars of fee for a 100 dollars or a 1000 dollars. And I was surprised to see that it is still high fee due to its higher value here. And so that it was a nightmare for me to transfer coins for the first time.68edf58e9b7b9c7e0f08e1d62f12be96d5884be840df93aab0ca4a86ebce2576.jpeg

So that was thing that caught me here full attentions. And you can also see exchange fee here that Caused too much attentions here.5afb183bf16021848cebbaf97c85d7b2512d1f40f91f0202e34608241d52358d.png6167169c79469626def53130cad27b489061782f0369dcb028e5ce98e0b22295.png


So you can also see that they are offering very very high fee for them. And I was still impressed that it causes them so much higher fee for them.

Why Bitcoin Has So High Fee???

there are the reasons that Bitcoin has a value and when we transfer than it costs us too hot and high Reese's too us. And so that is the fact that causes me attention here.



So you can see that the fact is that we costs too much hot and and good fee here. And so that I am still impressed here with this. So I am also using litecoin and Dash coin to  them so that they has a relative so much less fee here. And so that it caught me attention here.

Why 367 Million Dollars Cost 1 Dollar???

si the question is that why this 46000+ coins costs us too much hot of course 1 Dollars fee. And I do not know that which platform they might be using for them. And I am still be effective here too. So I was surprised that they have also low kind of fee here. And if that is a kind of pool than I might use this for my transactions.96e3244a29abc885e3f960dd769e243214d7b2d4ee2709db46d9a3b370ca5ae2.png


So I hope that you night understand and that is a fact that we might be able to do so here.


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Bitcoin trading investments
Bitcoin trading investments

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