Cartesi 10x? When?

When Not to Buy CTSI, GRT, ALGO or ADA Yet?

By Bitcoin Renegade | Bitcoin_Renegade | 17 Dec 2021

            When Not to Buy CTSI, GRT, ALGO or ADA?

So if you haven't please subscribe to the channel, hulk smash the like button and watch until the end for the best not financial advice you can get from a Crypto YouTuber! So the biggest question on everybody's mind right now are we in a bear market or are we still in a bull market! Well the good news is I think I might have an answer to that question or at least I will in the next few days or so oh watch the video until the end to find out exactly what I mean and how we are going to determine whether we are in a full fledged bear market or if we are just in a slight bear trend in a giant bull cycle!


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Disclaimer; For entertainment purposes only not financial advice at all and always do your own research before investing your money into Cryptocurrencies of any kind you can lose money if you don't understand what the market is doing

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