The Man Made $600000 Profit Without Making Any Investments

The aninomous person made profit of $600000 without making any investment.

The Turkish crypto exchange "Bitexen" began to distrubute 100 exen coins to who has joined to its exchange and 100 coins for every referal. 


This guy now have 212665 exen coins.


The interesting thing is that the exen coin began rising from 0.1 ₺ to 25 ₺ in siz months and from 3₺ to 25₺ in almost one week. 


Amount af exen coin is 15m in total but the exchange company burns them every month by buying coins with half of its profit.


Its market cap reached $35m today


This week the number of referals has reached to 50000 and now only 5 coins are being distrubuted. When the number will be above 100000, only 1 exen will be distrubuted.


Exen coin is only in Bitexen exchange and it is open for only turkish people as KYC is compulsory.



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Bitcoin Investment Strategies
Bitcoin Investment Strategies

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